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South Carolina

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1. ron tidwell - October 12, 2012

My name is ron and I live in Columbia,South Carolina and I am retired. I would be interested in meeting someone, or on the phone.

2. ron tidwell - November 2, 2012

Folks my email is ( tidi@37.com) concerning bible stuff. thanks for all emails in advance.

3. ron - February 23, 2013

meeting in columbia s.c. march 4th at waterford ctr. email or call me for more info .803-661-0275

Mike Sanders - May 19, 2014

I would like to make contact with you if this is OK with you. I also live in SC. I live in the town of Lancaster. Please contact by e-mail if interested. We can go from there.

D'Encencio Griffin - June 9, 2014

Hey i live in Columbia,Sc. Please feel free to contact by e-mail.

ron - July 15, 2014

hey mike: how are yu doing? email me @ fixer101_2000@yahoo.com

ron - July 14, 2016

hey mike you still around Lancaster?

4. D'Encencio Griffin - June 9, 2014

e-mail is iamgriffind1@gmail.com. I live in Columbia, Sc

5. D'Encencio Griffin - June 9, 2014

Phone number is 803-556-3550

ron - July 14, 2016

You still getting emails?

ron - December 5, 2017

you still in Columbia. sc?

6. ron - July 19, 2014

I would like to setup a meet with you guys say once a month. Let me know what you think.

7. ron - May 18, 2015

My email is fixer101_2000@yahoo.com please contact me if you like.

8. ron - July 2, 2015

Hey mike,griffin hope all is well with you guys.


9. Dr. Tee - August 13, 2015

Hello Ron, I just found this site today (8-12-15) for the first time. I live in Sumter SC for the last 24 yrs. I will leave my contact info below for anyone who want to contact me for believers fellowship in the truth of God’s Word through Pauline Theology!

ron - August 14, 2015

Hi Dr. tee, This is Ron from cola area . I wish you well and glad to meet for study. I did not see any contact info. I understand Dan is coming to Leesville to Pauline Church of Christ in Nov. to speak.

ron - July 14, 2016

You still around Dr. Tee?

10. ron - July 14, 2016

Hey fol;ks,my email is fixer101_2000@yahoo.com feel free to email me folks.

11. Ron - August 7, 2016

Is anyone alive in s.c.?

Mike - September 17, 2017

Ron I have tried to contact you at different times, but as of yet to no avail. try and send me an e-mail at I am still alive so far in S.C.

Martin W. Schumacher - June 5, 2019

Open for calls all through Ohio, KY, and Indiana;
if anyone looks in those states….


Ron - June 6, 2019

Hey mike, Same email address rjtidi@gmail.com call 803 6610275

12. ron - June 11, 2017

hello anyone in s.c. to meet?

13. Mike - September 1, 2017

Ron, you can contact me at I have not seen anything from you in e-mail before. Sorry if I have missed you before.

ron tidi - January 1, 2021

Mike or anyone wanting to meet in or near columbia s.c.
or fixer101_2000@yahoo.com

ron tidi - January 1, 2021

Ron here where do you live mike

14. Nick - October 3, 2017

Hey everyone I just recently got […] into the love of Christ. During these fives months ive been diligently and anxiously studying eschatology and came to the conclusion through complimentary scripture that God purposed,wills, and has taken an oath to reconcile all things back to Himself in due time. But im kinda an outcast out here in the Greenville/upstate area. Id love to text or call to talk or meet up with anyone for coffee or something just so i dont feel so alone and can talk to people without being considered a “heritic”. I also still have questions and hoped maybe someone who isnt “a babe in Christ” as myself can help me learn more. My number is 864-906-5008.

Thank you for your time and consideration and God bless you all for believing.

15. ron - December 5, 2017

Hey Nick I know how you feel. my address is fixer101_2000@yahoo.com I live in west cola s.c. 803 -661-

16. Ron - February 8, 2018

hey nick email me ok?
I am in columbia s.c. area.

17. Ron - February 10, 2018

Anyone in Columbia S.C. area interested in starting a home Bible study?
ron rjtidi@gmail.com
(803 6610275)

18. Ron - May 13, 2018

I thought at least one in the Columbia area be interested in fellowship.

19. Ron - May 13, 2018
20. Ron - June 12, 2018

Hello anyone in cola area . Email me ok

21. Ron - July 27, 2018

Anyone in s.c. Want a meeting. Email me ok.

22. Ron - January 23, 2019

Anyone meeting in cola.s.c.

23. Anthony Daubs - December 27, 2021

Like to see if there are other believers. I’m new in this so be gentle. Lol

24. Anthony Daubs - January 24, 2022

Hi my name is Tony. I live in Charleston South Carolina. My email is Anthony.Daubs@Yahoo.com

25. ron - January 24, 2022

hi Tony, i got your email glad to her from you. we be glad to communicate with you on such matters ok. my address is fixer101_2000@yahoo.com. I had a big loss on my computer so i am rebuilding but it getting better than God!

26. John Heth - January 26, 2022

Greetings, brothers and sisters! I’m in Rock Hill and I recently became acquainted with Martin Zender through a link on the forbiddentheology.com website. His website had a link to this site. I’m writing a book currently which I think I will entitle “What Much of the Church Gets Wrong … with no Apologies,” and I will be including chapters on the doctrine of Hell and universal reconciliation. God opened my eyes to those things a few years ago, but I was unaware of teachers who really teach what I have come to believe. My email is jfheth@gmail.com.

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