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1. Garland and Kitty - October 6, 2012

Would love to hear from other believers in the salvation of all. We’re in central AR.

2. Nancy Holland - March 20, 2013

I am rather new to the gospel of Paul and would love to have contact with other believers. I live in the country half way between Malvern and Arkadelphia.

3. Garland and Kitty Land - March 20, 2013

Hi Nancy, We are Garland and Kitty Land of Benton, AR. Your name sounds very familiar, as if we met several years ago in a Bible study in the Benton area (the pastor was a tall man named Leon). We would very much enjoy meeting you /getting reacquainted /corresponding with you….. It would be great to have the opportunity to fellowship with other believers right here in central Arkansas! Can’t wait to hear from you!

Nancy - March 23, 2013

You are correct, I have been in Leon Steele’s church for many years. However, now that my eyes have been opened to the gospel of the uncircumscision, it is getting harder to go and hear the mixing of the gospels. He is an honest and sincere man who puts in much time studying the bible and has truth many other churches do not, but he has not been called to understanding of the two gospels at this time.

Isn’t your husband the one who works for the state regarding our bridges?

Would you like to meet somewhere tomorrow. I am so happy to find fellowship with someone close enough to meet. I can come to Benton if you will tell me where to meet you.

Nancy - March 23, 2013

I had to sandwich this in from my reply below. If we cannot meet tomorrow, I would be able to any day next week except tues. or thurs. My cell number is 501-467-1253. Give me a call and we can arrange something. Looking forward to it.

4. Joanne K. - December 15, 2014

My family believes in the salvation of all. We live near Conway. We would love others to fellowship with.

Nancy - January 7, 2015

Hi Joanne – I am the other believing friend of the Lands. I live half way between Malvern & Arkadelphia. Would love to establish fellowship with you. My number is 501-467-1253. I hope to hear from you. One gets starved to talk about our beliefs with others of like mind–we are so few and far between. Nancy

5. Garland and Kitty Land - December 16, 2014

We are Kitty and Garland Land, believers in the salvation of all, and living in the Benton area of central Arkansas. We were very happy to see your comment on Joints and Bands! We have become acquainted with one person in the area thru this blog and look forward to hearing more from you in the days ahead. If you like, feel free to call so we can arrange to meet you – maybe at a restaurant you like in the Conway area. My ph. number is 501-317-9858. Hope to hear from you soon.

6. Kitty and Garland - January 1, 2015

Hi Joanne, we’re just checking in. Hope you and your family are well – after this busy time of year maybe you will have an opportunity to drop us a line and our families can get acquainted.

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