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1. Rev. Jason Randolph - August 20, 2010

Hello folks! I am 34, married, and still considering/studying the universal reconciliation doctrine. I am a Mid Acts Dispensationalist, and seminarian here on the Southern Oregon Coast. Please feel free to contact me if you so desire. I might be on my amateur (HAM) radio, in the field spotting birds and botanicals or assisting in the provision of food to local families in need. My wife and I would welcome you for study or fellowship, please contact us if you would also appreciate fellowship and Biblically based study.

Doug - September 16, 2013

Where are you at with your studies?

2. Nancy - October 5, 2013

I see your entry is several years old. I hope you were able to progress in your studies of universal salvation. I plan to move to the Salem, Oregon area in the spring of 2014. Have you been in contact with believers there or in other parts of Oregon? I hope you see this. Nancy

Dennis Glavin - February 14, 2014

Hi Nancy

Are you still planning a move to Salem OR? We have a small group of believers in Portland OR that meet from time to time. Give us a call Dennis Glavin. 360-721-0380

3. Nancy - February 16, 2014

How wonderful to hear there is a group in Portland. I have made contact with a gentleman in Phoenix, Or, he was closer to Salem than any of the others referred to me. I will give you a call later today. I was so happy to hear Martin promote this link to others, as it is woefully underused. Talk to you later.

Dennis Glavin - February 16, 2014

Hello…..give me a call. Nice to hear from you.

Dennis On Feb 16, 2014 8:30 AM, Joints & Bands — “Savior of All” Fellowship

4. Dennis Glavin - April 24, 2014

Hi Nancy

We have been meeting here in the Portland/Vancouver Area for a couple of months now. We meet each Sunday from 10 am to about noon+.

Our goal is to bring out Martin and possibly Dan S and Clyde here this Summer for a Pacific NW conference.

Have you moved to Salem yet? I apologize if I forgot when you said you may be moving this way!


Nancy - April 24, 2014

I saw your Washington message and replied. I have been blessed beyond measure and have sold my house to a wonderful person who has been a blessing to me in ways I would have never believed. I look forward to participating in your Sunday meetings when I get to Salem. Probably will not be until we get settled, probably in July. I look forward to meeting everyone.

5. Dennis Glavin - April 24, 2014

That’s Great! We look forward in meeting you when you arrive!


Nancy - May 23, 2014

I will not move to Oregon until August when my son from Norway can arrive to help. See you all one day.

6. Dennis - May 23, 2014

Sounds good Nancy. Thanks for the email.

We are possibly going to have a conference this Summer with Zender, Clyde and Dan S?

Maybe we can do this in late August or September?


7. Nancy - May 26, 2014

Sounds wonderful!! Thanks for your efforts.

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