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1. Rev. Jason Randolph - August 20, 2010

Hello folks! I am 34, married, and still considering/studying the universal reconciliation doctrine. I am a Mid Acts Dispensationalist, and seminarian here on the Southern Oregon Coast. Please feel free to contact me if you so desire. I might be on my amateur (HAM) radio, in the field spotting birds and botanicals or assisting in the provision of food to local families in need. My wife and I would welcome you for study or fellowship, please contact us if you would also appreciate fellowship and Biblically based study.

Doug - September 16, 2013

Where are you at with your studies?

2. Nancy - October 5, 2013

I see your entry is several years old. I hope you were able to progress in your studies of universal salvation. I plan to move to the Salem, Oregon area in the spring of 2014. Have you been in contact with believers there or in other parts of Oregon? I hope you see this. Nancy

Dennis Glavin - February 14, 2014

Hi Nancy

Are you still planning a move to Salem OR? We have a small group of believers in Portland OR that meet from time to time. Give us a call Dennis Glavin. 360-721-0380

3. Nancy - February 16, 2014

How wonderful to hear there is a group in Portland. I have made contact with a gentleman in Phoenix, Or, he was closer to Salem than any of the others referred to me. I will give you a call later today. I was so happy to hear Martin promote this link to others, as it is woefully underused. Talk to you later.

Dennis Glavin - February 16, 2014

Hello…..give me a call. Nice to hear from you.

Dennis On Feb 16, 2014 8:30 AM, Joints & Bands — “Savior of All” Fellowship

4. Dennis Glavin - April 24, 2014

Hi Nancy

We have been meeting here in the Portland/Vancouver Area for a couple of months now. We meet each Sunday from 10 am to about noon+.

Our goal is to bring out Martin and possibly Dan S and Clyde here this Summer for a Pacific NW conference.

Have you moved to Salem yet? I apologize if I forgot when you said you may be moving this way!


Nancy - April 24, 2014

I saw your Washington message and replied. I have been blessed beyond measure and have sold my house to a wonderful person who has been a blessing to me in ways I would have never believed. I look forward to participating in your Sunday meetings when I get to Salem. Probably will not be until we get settled, probably in July. I look forward to meeting everyone.

5. Dennis Glavin - April 24, 2014

That’s Great! We look forward in meeting you when you arrive!


Nancy - May 23, 2014

I will not move to Oregon until August when my son from Norway can arrive to help. See you all one day.

6. Dennis - May 23, 2014

Sounds good Nancy. Thanks for the email.

We are possibly going to have a conference this Summer with Zender, Clyde and Dan S?

Maybe we can do this in late August or September?


7. Nancy - May 26, 2014

Sounds wonderful!! Thanks for your efforts.

8. Matthew Kennedy - June 8, 2017

Wow 3 years and no comments.This truth of God saving us all is so incredible yet it seems that there are very few that know it.It is amazing to me. Anyone in the Portland area interested in fellowship,please contact me. Best Regards, Matthew

Dennis Glavin - June 8, 2017

Hi brother Matthew, I live in Vancouver WA, my 2 Sons and 3 grandchildren are in Portland, I go visit them, maybe we could have some coffee or lunch?


Dennis Glavin

Nancy - June 8, 2017

Hi Matthew – I do not live in Oregon, but visit my relatives in Salem occasionally. I will keep your information and the next time I am there, perhaps you could arrange a meeting between us and any others you make contact with. I too am amazed there is so little back and forth. I attended the Birmingham conference and it was wonderful. Hopefully you will be able to attend one of the next two that will be held. Probably the last two for some time to come. It is worth every penny and sacrifice it takes to be there. I am the Nancy who broke her hip while visiting Martin. It was so good to see my dear friend and mentor again. Hang in there Matthew, we are few, but we are mighty. God’s peace and grace to you – NANCY

Eric Wahl - July 14, 2017

Greets Matthew

If you would like to fellowship via phone or email, feel free to contact me.
Erik Wahl

Peace and blessings in Christ Jesus(Yeshua)

9. Nancy - June 8, 2017

TO MATTHEW KENNEDY: If you don’t mind, please let me have your e-mail address

10. Eric Wahl - July 14, 2017

Greetings all!–(what few we are)
My name is Erik. I live in Eugene OR
If any would like to fellowship
my phone is 541-357-4436
my email is mindpoet61@gmail.com

Debra - January 30, 2021

Wow. My sister lives in Eugene and I visit her at times. I will be moving to Idaho this summer and my sister will be moving there next year. I plan on helping her move and maybe we could talk or get together. I haven’t found anyone else who believes in the Gospel of Paul but I’m sure there are a few out here in Washington. Bless you.

11. alcamtar - August 31, 2022

Hi, I’m Mike in Beaverton. Glad to have found this page, would love to meet others locally.

12. Dan Oliver - January 2, 2023

Greetings. My name is Dan Oliver. I live in Roseburg, OR and stepped out of organized religion some 25 years ago. In 2005 I was gifted a well-used copy of the Concordant Literal New Testament. What a journey of learning has transpired since that time. I was involved in a “salvation of all” study group in Vancouver, WA prior to my move to Roseburg some 4 years ago, and would love to meet other believers in this area.

Dan Oliver - January 2, 2023

This is Dan, again. Sorry, forgot to give my telephone number in the previous post. Here it is (call or text): 458-802-9616.

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