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1. pamela steinhoff - January 21, 2012

Would love to fellowship and learn with those of like mind. How I thank God that He allowed me to see the glory of His love, grace, purposes and victory through the life/death of Jesus His son and my Lord!!! Am SO grateful for the opportunity to feast and fellowship at sites like the Bible Student’s Notebook – thank you Mr Pilkington and sons et al.

2. Leonard Teeter - February 15, 2014

Hi Pamela. I am from Billings. A good friend as well as my cousin are believers….that Jesus DIED for us….That Jesus was RAISED on the third day….victorious over death. Wow! Take care, and feel free to call. Maybe sometime we all can get together for study and fellowship. If you go to the Montana section here, you’ll find my number. Have a wonderful day.

3. pamela steinhoff - March 4, 2014

Leonard – THANK YOU for the contact! Wrote an immed response but was too long 🙂 Wonderful to know you are there. Have not had local fellowship of kind for 30 years though am SO GRATEFUL for internet fellowship and teaching. He is faithful and glorious and VICTORIOUS!. Wiill call if am close. Life in, Love from, Redemption through Him.

Debra - January 30, 2021

I live in Washington but I’m moving to Idaho this summer. I only talk online but if you want I’ll leave my phone number and you can call me. 360-572-0627. I quit church almost 16 years ago although I did go to a Messianic type church of and on for a few years. I decided it’s better to be lonely by myself than go to church and be lonely because their teachings are so far off what scripture says.

4. Leonard Teeter - March 21, 2014

Hey sister- Thanks for the response. I live not too far from the Beartooth Mountains. From Billings, it’s about 60 miles, just south of Red Lodge. I think it would be great place to have a conference and call in Clyde, Martin, and Dan. That’s if they’re up for it. I might email them and see if they would be interested in that idea. There would be 2 from Billings, that I know of. There would be you and anyone you know of there in Wyoming. I know there are o few in Idaho. Ya think they’d show for oh say 5 or 6 of us? lol. I assure you we’d all have fun with fellowship and study at the foot of the Beartooths. I look forward to your input. Peace-

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