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Outside of U.S.

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1. Vincent Mayock - August 2, 2015

Please include Ireland in list of countries

SandreS - May 17, 2017

Thanks for your kind remarks Vincent.

I will get the Ireland page up within the next couple of days.

SandreS - May 17, 2017

Actually, Ireland appears at the very end in the sub-pages section only on the “Outside of U.S.” page. I’ll look into why it’s not listed alphabetically.

If you look below the sub-pages section in the Fellowship and Contact Directory section, Ireland is listed alphabetically.

This problem does not occur when you are on the country page.

2. Ruth - June 9, 2016

I made a first comment for the Switzerland subpage, but why does it not show there?

And why is the request of the above commentator not being heard, namely to put Ireland on the list?

Is this site being attended at all?


SandreS - June 9, 2016

Hi Ruth, thanks for pointing out our error in not listing Ireland. We appreciate your letting us know. We have also added Scotland and Wales as well. Sometimes we wait to hear from people who would like to have their country added to the list, but we surely missed the earlier posting/comment regarding Ireland.

Not making excuses, but in our defense, we are only a few people doing a great many things that our Father has called us to do, so we do, from time to time, miss some things. However, after all, we are part of Father’s “not many” work during this dispensation (I Corinthians 1:26) – not to mention our flawed flesh.

Thanks again, and I look forward to meeting you sometime, either in this life, or the life to come!


3. Vincent Mayock - May 17, 2017

Thank you André! We appreciate your unselfish efforts to get round to all: Hoping to hear from others here in Ireland

SandreS - May 17, 2017

Hi Vincent. Please read my reply to your original post. You may post a comment on the Ireland page now.

Thanks for your patience.


4. Evangel - August 1, 2022

Please include Croatia in list of countries.

SandreS - August 4, 2022

[Admin:] Done.

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