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1. Marlowe Matson - April 2, 2012

I am not in Minn. now but this is the state that I was born and raised in. It is also where I was brought up in the Glorious gospel of salvation for all. Then as I went to a bible college where this was and is taught against, seeds of doubt were sown and for a long time I didn’t know for sure what I believe.
I have sat under the teaching of many great men of god and good bible teachers and my reasoning was–If these great men of God do not see the validity of this teaching then who am I? But I realize that almost everyone comes to the table with preconceived ideas and also there is a great price to be paid for embracing this reconciliation truth.
I suspect there many who believe this but do not dare to proclaim it.
I now live in Alberta Canada but it’s not listed in the column on right.

Fritz Peterson - June 9, 2012

Isn’t that a crirme! Going to a bible college and the very thing God has done (saved us all) is taught against. Sad.

2. Fritz Peterson - June 9, 2012

Sorry. I had a typo in my previous comment. Supposed to be “crime”.

Marlowe Matson - June 10, 2012

It is very sad. We had a great fellowship of churches and believers in Minn and No. Dak. who for the most part saw the truth of the victorius gospel of Christ. My uncle who was a missionary in China and then Tiawan, attended Pittsburg Bible Institute which you may know taught UR under the leadership of a Mr Pridgeon (sp). Are you in Minn now?

3. Fritz Peterson - June 10, 2012

I’m so glad there are many people like you out there. I’m also happy there are places like the Pittsburg Bible Institute. Do they still teach the salvation of all? I follow Clyde Pilkington Jr.’s ministry closely who I think likes Mr. Pridgeons works (if it’s the same person I think it is). I’ve read 100’s of books about the salvation of all and can’t get enough. It’s unbelieavable that all churches don’t teach it. Do you have an email address?

Marlowe Matson - June 10, 2012

My email address is mar.mat@telus.net

Marlowe Matson - June 10, 2012

When I was a young boy I made the long trip from Minnesota to a conference in Pa. somewhere in the hills of Pa. I don’t think that PBI is still in operation. For many years I was kind of iffy on the teaching of UR due to the much negative teaching about it but now I am firmly in the fold. I don’t have much fellowship in this teaching and have been quite busy taking care of my wife who broke her hip, then a few months had a knee replaced, then the hip repair failed and she had to undergo a complete hip replacement- all within 21 months.

Fritz Peterson - June 12, 2012

Bless your heart, and your wife’s! Too bad there can’t be as place like PBI today or a TV show once a week. Maybe Clyde Pilkington JR. and Martin Zender can’t team up?

4. MARY - March 8, 2013


5. Tom Sargent - March 9, 2013

hello Mary, My name is Tom Sargent and we have a small “church” here in Sioux Falls, SD. We meet in an office building near the Empire Mall. We have had Clyde and Zender visit us. Check out our website at http://www.pathtolifefellowship.org We now have four bible studies per week along with our Sunday morning meeting. Come down for a weekend sometime. I went to school in Mankato and grew up in Luverne, MN. Been to New Ulm a number of times. Blessings!

6. MARY - March 9, 2013


Tom Sargent - March 10, 2013


7. bigtree146 - April 15, 2013
8. Jamie Smith - February 15, 2014

Winona, Mn
Using my phone and can’t type well. More later.

9. Arnold Goodfellow - July 4, 2014

We were wondering if there are folks in the Renville County area who believe in the reconciliation of all as we do.

10. Kevin G - August 20, 2014

Anyone in the MPLS/St Paul area? specifically i live in New Brighton. Would love to find someone to fellowship with and bounce ideas off of. Kind of sad being the only one that i know of in a 500 mile radius who believes in UR.

Dan - March 15, 2016

Are you still around this area… I live in Zimmerman and am looking to find others groping in the darkness 🙂

11. Jamie Smith - March 15, 2016

I am in Wabasha MN. Sort of out of the way but if people want to get together I’m happy to host. My wife has zero interest but is just fine with what I do.

Jamie Smith

12. Thomas Lee - December 15, 2016

Hi brothers and sisters, this is Tom Lee,, from ST.Paul Minn. would love to connect with like minded believers. These truths have just recently rocked my faith, would be a joy to fellowship with peeps in my area.

13. Thomas Lee - March 20, 2017

Hi friends in Christ, this is Tom, and looking for fellowship in the ST.Paul area, Mn

14. Tom Sargent - June 14, 2017

Hello Tom, My name is Tom Sargent and I live in Sioux Falls. SD. My wife and I are coming to St. Paul in mid September if you would like to get together than let me know. 605-941-9150.

15. Wendy Mirth - November 19, 2018

Hi all….no posts here for awhile, but I’ll shoot this one out and see what happens….we are moving to the Delano area in spring 2019, and would like to connect. Dan from Zimmerman….you still out there? You will be close by! Anyone else? Once we are settled we’d be happy to host a get together.

Jamie - November 19, 2018

I should be able to make that. Sounds good.
Jamie Smith
Wabasha, MN

Wendy Mirth - December 4, 2018

That’s one! Will invite any that chime in here….but will probably be next spring or summer, so hang in there.

Jamie - December 5, 2018

Okay. Groovy. No snatching away until at least 2021 so should be available.

16. Tom Sargent - December 5, 2018

We live in Sioux Falls, SD. I would be interested in a mini-conference if we can get a few more. I can also be found on Facebook. Thanks. Tom Sargent

17. Debbie Elder - March 20, 2019

Moving to Rochester, MN June 2019, God willing. Great healing taking place for me as I see truth coming together to truly glorify God. deborahaelder@gmail.com
Will check here often too!

18. Mark walczynski - May 30, 2019

Looks like im the first to post from duluth.

19. Carol Walczynski - November 1, 2020

I live in Duluth Mn. Anyone in Minnesota or Wisconsin that we can come together? carolwalczynski@q.com

20. Wendy Mirth - September 3, 2021

Looks like I made some promises 2.5 years ago and never got around to it with CV19 and personal whatnot’s…..just thought I’d say hello to anyone still peeking in on this page. My email is wjmirth@gmail.com if anyone is near me (Delano/Maple Plain area).

21. Jamie Smith - March 17, 2022

I live in Wabasha, MN. Maybe meeting in a central location might work. Meet and greet, do a study.

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