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1. Fred - April 27, 2011

Hi all. I have been a truth seeker for many years. Would like very much to meet with others who desire the truth of scripture. I live in Tennessee.

Cathy - April 24, 2012

Hi Fred: Where in TN do you live? There is a group of sisters who are getting together and some husbands are seeing the truth that God was inChrist reconciling the WORLD to Himself. He is becoming all in all to us. We are in the tricities area(Johnson City, Kingsport, Bristol). We are discovering a Father who is totally victorious and One who is moving everything toward a great and glorious goal of Him being all in all. Let us know if you would like to come visit us. Cathy

Fred - December 24, 2012

I live in the nashville area. Glad to here you have a group.

Rick Marano - March 13, 2013

Hi fellow believer, I’m Rick in the ABingdon, Va, Va. area, would like to meet and be with fellow believers, how can I contact you ?

2. James D. Fine - June 6, 2012

My name is JD Fine. I live in Chattanooga, Tennessee. There are three of us in Chattanooga who believe in the Ultimate Salvation of all men and women and the restitution of all things. Praise God! Christ WAS successful in saving ALL men. It is a lonely walk with so few who have been enlightened to the truth. I was introduced to the truth by my Brother in Christ Tony Smith who gave me one of Martin Zender’s books and the lights started to come on! If anyone is close email me. saintfine@gmail.com

Fred - December 24, 2012

Hey glad you have three others to fellowship with. I learned of Martin long after coming to truth as Christ wanted me to know. He is really good and lately he is getting more understanding. For a long time I. Wondered just how many beleivers there were. I had one web site ” Ray Lewis” that really pacted a hard punch to organized religion. I asked God to help me know his truth and was led to the bible students of Ohio. Then I read Julie Ferwarders blog and she told me about Martin. Its not so lonely anymore.

James D. Fine - December 24, 2012

Hang in there Fred. You are not alone. There are saints out there that know that Christ was successful in His work on the cross. Know that you are not alone and be comforted. We will all be together when we are snatched away. Merry Christmas and happy 2013.

Chuck Baldwin - March 21, 2013

Hello James. My name is Chuck Baldwin. We have a small group of varying beliefs in Chattanooga that meets at the home of Lester Casson. His phone is 423-645-8361. I see that you just moved to Calhoun GA, so it may be too far for you, but if you know any others in the Chattanooga area that are looking for a meeting, you may give them Lester’s #, or mine, which is 423-629-5711.

3. James D. Fine - March 13, 2013

I have moved down to Calhoun, GA. That is a good bit away from VA. I am planning on being at the Birmingham Conference in May. You should join believers there. I just went to the Morganton, NC meeting this month. However I would not be interested in driving to VA so try to hook up with closer believers or meet at conferences. Grace and Peace J.D. Fine

Cathy Carey - March 17, 2013

Hi Rick: I haven’t been checking this site regularly and saw your posting of March. I was up early this morning and thought I would do some reading and found your message. We have been discovering some incredible truths and Father is getting bigger and bigger. We are from Elizabethton, tn, not too far from you. I know that it can be pretty lonely seeing the things we see and unless Father is working in a person’s life and opening their eyes to see, and not having anyone else whom you could share these glorious and transcendent truths. You can get ahold of me thru my email: glcarey@charter.net
My husband is a believer but does not see Father as I see him. There is a group of us getting together weekly whenever we can; mostly women. We would love to meet you. Cathy

4. Pete Cherepanov - April 17, 2013

My wife and I are in Knoxville, and are also looking for like minded believers to fellowship with. We are willing to start a group here ourselves if there aren’t any. my email address is pcherepanov@knology.net. Our home number is865-769-1421, please leave a message if we do not answer.

5. Alan Bradley - April 20, 2013

My name is Alan Bradley and I am in Nashville, TN. I am looking to connect and fellowship with other Christians who understand and believe in Biblical ultimate reconciliation/universalism. 615-353-7204. alan-bradley@comcast.net

Cathy Carey - April 22, 2013

Hi Alan: Looks like that Chuck is the closest one to you. We got together with Rick who was near us and trying to get together with Pete and his wife sometime soon. We are 5 hours from you so its a good distance. Hope you can give Chuck a call and have a time to share what Father’s been unveiling to both of you. If you have a hard time connecting, we can also use email or if you would like to meet the group here, we can try to get together. I will be in Nashville around the 16th of May bringing my daughter to the HOBY leadership conference there at Lipscomb. Could try to connect then too. We had a great time with Rick sharing our journey of how we have come to where we are now. If you are communicating through this site, know that you have been reading some perspective changing truth. One of the articles that I am reading now is selected pages from UR V61P1; its an article on Ephesians with initials F.N.P. It is so affirming and confirming of all that we are in Christ covering God’s allotment among the saints, His pwoer for us believer,the complement which completes. Isn’t it comforting to know that it is a good Father who is totally sovereign and the one who orders our steps. We can just relax in Father and know that He is working His purpose out and at work in us. Bless you, brother. Cathy

J - February 25, 2014

Bob and Charlotte Torango have a fellowship called House of the Lord in Dickson, TN

6. Alan Bradley - April 23, 2013

Hi, Cathy ~ Thanks for the input! : ) Yes, keep me posted if you are coming to Nashville in May. I could meet with you. Peter Cherepanov is coming to Nashville soon to help move his sister into a new place here. I offered to meet with him and help in the move. He seems like a really nice guy and level-headed. I am trying to find people localy – I have a couple of close friends who share the same UR beliefs, so that’s a start. I know they are out there (here in Nashville) – somewhere! – but it will take some time to find them, that’s all. I’m just excited that God seems to be doing something fresh in this realm of theology and insight and I want to be a part of it, helping, if I can, however I can.

7. arnold - February 11, 2014

hi all, my friends know me as bill, I live in Bristol tn. I have been searching for brothers an sisters who know the word of truth an want to share with others, I would be happy to hear from you, bill. bj24627@yahoo.com

8. Cathy Carey - February 12, 2014

Hi Bill: This is Cathy Carey from Elizabethton, tn. There is a group of sisters here who meet for lunch usually once a week for those who want to get together and share what Father has been revealing of Himself to each of us and what we are discovering through the writings of many brothers who have come to see that Father will reconcile all of His creation and that His glorious goal is to be All in all(ICor 15:28). We especially see Father and His purpose and will, very clearly through the writings of A.E. Knoch. Father has truly gifted him with a magnificent realization of Himself to this gifted writer. We would love to meet you and you can call me at 423-213-4004. You can also email me at glcarey@charter.net; please send me your phone number so we can call you. Would love to hear your journey.

9. Blake - September 7, 2014

I just moved from Nashville to Indianapolis, but I still visit Nashville very regularly (2x a month) and would love to meet up with a group of people to rejoice in the good news of UR. Is there anybody in Nashville who believes that the work done on the cross was truly enough?


10. James D. FIne - September 7, 2014

Brother Blake,
I am J.D. Fine now living in Calhoun, GA. I used to live in Chattanooga, TN till my job moved here. There is NO one who believes that Christ’s work on the cross is complete here. It is a lonely walk but worth it. Although I can’t come to Nashville to meet the saints please free to email anytime to chat and brag on the complete work of our Lord. The saints I hear will be meeting for a conference in Hope NC at the church of Alan Hess, a pastor that recently came into the knowledge of the truth. Watch Clyde Pilkingtons appearance date list on his Study Shelf website for further info.

Praying for you and Grace and Peace,

11. Bob McLaurine - October 20, 2015

Hello All,
I am Bob McLaurine and live in the Nashville area. Although I didn’t grow up in a culture of strict legalism, I was not awakened into the true gospel of radical grace until after a lifetime in church. My journey has been over the last 3 years. It started with all mankind being reconciled. I have had several questions along the way that God always answered without contorting His word. From the beginning of my journey I hoped for universal reconciliation and wanted to see a convincing case in scripture. I really struggled reconciling the tension between radical grace and wrath in the NT. I had heard a convincing handling of wrath. When I heard Clyde Pilkington speak on Paul’s pattern of belief being based on sight and not faith, that was the missing piece that tied it all together for me. Now I can read the NT and nothing gets explained away with unsatisfactory explanations. What a beautiful gospel it is.
Now I embrace UR with my whole heart without any reservation.
Grace and Peace

12. Mark Horan - October 25, 2016


I’ve just in the past couple of days made contact with Bob who has started a Nashville meetup group, though I haven’t met with him or those who might be involved in the group yet. […] I live in Nashville just one mile South of Belle Meade. If anyone would like to get together, even if just for coffee, I’d love to meet with you to talk about this beautiful gospel. God bless you.


13. Douglas Stuhr - December 17, 2017

I listened to your videos on you tube. Very liberating truth. Thank you for searching the truth and delivering it.

14. Vicki Johnson - October 4, 2018

Isolated in Memphis, Tn. Would love to get together with other like-minded believers!

Bob McLaurine - October 5, 2018

Hello Vicki. My name is Bob McLaurine and I live in the Nashville area. Unfortunately I do not know of anyone in your area. I find all my content on YouTube and correspond via email. You might try contacting Clyde Pilkington at studyshelf.com. He has records of folks who have purchased books from him that live near you. There will be more than you think. Just very disconnected.

Vicki Johnson - October 15, 2018

Thank you for your reply. My husband has spoken with Clyde and we are hopeful someone will show up on the radar! It is tough being alone when you are used to fellowship. BTW, my maiden name is McLaurin (no e!). God bless!

Robert McLaurine - October 16, 2018

Wow that’s crazy! My first ancestor in the US was named Robert McLaurine from Powhatan County, Va. He was a Presbyterian minister from Scotland. I wish that I could find some of his sermons. It would be a dream if he knew and taught of the salvation of all.

15. James C. Dishman - April 17, 2019

James C. Dishman-April 16,2019
I reside in Holladay,Tn 38341
I would like to contact some that believe in the universal salvation of all mankind.

Robert McLaurine - April 17, 2019

Hello James, My name is Bob McLaurine and I live in the Nashville area. Maybe we could meet for a lunch some Saturday in Dickson.

16. Melissa Scarbrough - April 17, 2019

I’m also a believer in Universal Salvation and would love to meet others for fellowship and Scripture study.

17. Derek Sands - September 28, 2022

Hello all I’m Derek and I live in the Maryville TN area and I’m looking for like minded believers to fellowship with.
Contact me via text at 865-680-4189

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