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1. Denis Durham - September 7, 2009

I would be interested in discussing the issues of universal reconciliation with others but not necessarily interested in a formal or regular bible study. Concerning the issue of the salvation of all, I’m still studying the issue, and still have many questions. Would be interested in studying these and other issues with others who are open minded and are willing to look at various points of view.

2. Michelle - April 30, 2014

I have been a fundamental independent Baptist for 40 years. I started researching the doctrine of hell in October of 2013. I now believe that Jesus is the savior of all men not just a few but I continue to attend my FIB church bc it is where I have always attended with my family.

3. Eric Liljehorn - May 12, 2014

Well, 3 is a start! Happy to be living in truth after years of misunderstanding and being told my questions on hell and the trinity were a “mystery of God”.

Hi Denis, it took 5 years, but two more people have signed on in Illinois, woohoo!

Hi Michelle. Look forward to hearing from you both and maybe meeting some day as well.

Mr. E

4. Denis Durham - May 16, 2014

Hi Michelle and Eric. Good to see you both. I live in Decatur. My family does not currently attend a “church”. We used to go to a Baptist assembly and we may go back there to visit. Best wishes to both of you in your pursuit of God’s truth.

Jean Briley Bagwell - August 17, 2014

Hello all—- I am living in So Il and so happy to begin to know about the Savior of All. Many years ago when I was a girl of 11 years old, God revealed Himself to me in a little mission church and soon I knew with ” an unknowing knowing” that ” there’s got to be more to it than this”. And God has been faithful to me over the years. Yes I believe that God will save all people in His time and in His way. I just can’t see that God would be happy and His blood useless for some of His creation. I’m sure Satan would be happy to say about God ” see I knew You couldn’t manage your creation and save them all.” And I believe the medium He will use is love for ” love never fails.”

5. Pierre Casimier - October 26, 2015

Hello everyone, I’m from the City (“Chi-town!” Chicago). Though I have many questions and I realize that there are some questions that I can’t thoroughly answer, I have come to be fully convinced that Jesus is literally the Savior of all men, especially of those who are believing. 1 Tim 4:10. I don’t think I have ever had a conversation with another who believes this, though I have had plenty with my family, and others who oppose is belief. I would like to change that… I would like to strengthen, and strengthen others.

Martin Lee - November 16, 2015

Hello Pierre,
I read your unanswered post and thought to send an answer. My name is Martin Lee (Phone: +1 408 898 4095 Saratoga, California ) Web: http://www.GoodNewsGospel.info
I hope to hear from you some time.
You are right about the seemingly small number of those believing 1 Tim 4:10.

6. Tony Yelacic - April 2, 2018

is this thing turned on? hello? i am looking for fellowship in the chicago area with other non-churched believers. contact me via email to start dialog, please.

Sandra Hallman - January 2, 2021

Hi Tony! Are you still in the Chicago area? I live in Chicago and would love fellowship with other believers.

Sandra Hallman - January 2, 2021

you can reach me at draman5 at hotmail dot com

7. Paul - October 10, 2021

Praying for some to share knowledge/wisdom and learn from. Not sure how you are supposed to see my email but I have selected to be alerted via the site. Lets have a nice chat. southern Illinois route 1 area. 30 mins from Indiana border. Grace and Peace to you. P

SandreS - October 11, 2021

Hi Paul, you need to leave your e-mail in your comments. – Admin

Paul - August 26, 2022

Hi again. I finally found linki back here. Been sometime but still am looking to make contacts in my area. Can reach me at the email below. I try and check it when have internet access once a week or so. TY and GBU! Paul

Paul - September 17, 2022

war.pe —then at symbol– pm.me
remove all inside the — symbols. I think I got it now. haha. Blessings! Paul

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