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1. denise Smith - April 24, 2011

In the Kansas City area if any one is interested

Fred Schneider - November 7, 2014

Hi Denise. My name is Fred, and I live in South KC. I see your posting on Joints and Bands is 3 years old, but I thought I would reply to it. I am a big fan of Martin Zender, Clyde Pilkington, EW Bullinger and anyone else to whom God has revealed his plan to save all Mankind through Jesus. In fact, I am hoping to start a weekend study (or actually, more of a video-watching get together with friends and neighbors. Don’t have a day or time fixed yet – would depend more on the availability or interest of others. I’d love to receive a call or text from you if you are still wanting to connect with like-minded believers in the area. 816-500-1347. God bless. Fred

Ray - August 5, 2015

Hello Fred. My name is Ray and for years I thought I was all alone in my understanding scriptures, I struggled as a young pastor and felt the church had been corrupted somehow… my life for the last 40 years has been to find out why and expose it – at great cost I might add. I wish to meet others on this same journey to fellowship or correspond with. Of note, I also live in Flordia on a boat located at St. Marks. My cell phone # 816-377-2202

David and Susan Nitzsche - January 19, 2019

Hey Fred, We are David and Susan from Independence. Just found Zender. Have lived in area for over 40 years. Came here from St. Louis. Came out of WWCG with Askelm. Love Concordant Publishing. The freedom God gives is awesome! our email: dansan6@comcast.net

2. Mark and Anne Swigert - July 2, 2011

My husband Mark and I are looking for other members of the body of Christ to study and fellowship with in St. Louis, MO or nearby counties.

David - June 23, 2012

I live in Ballwin and can be reached at pureinart@yahoo.com. I too am looking for others to study and fellowship with in the stl area. Please drop me a note if you get a chance? Thanks, David

Paul - October 27, 2013

Hello? How are you? What do you believe? Have to ask sorry?

Lovell and Linda Griffith - October 2, 2014

Mark and Anne: Email or call Lovell or Linda at lgriff2634@sbcglobal.net or call 636-887-0746.
Would love to hear from you. Thanks

3. Chris and Kali Schlack - June 8, 2014

4. Chris and Kali Schlack

Springfield, MO


Text or Call!

Patty - July 2, 2018

Tried to text you twice but got no response, which makes me wonder if you are no longer at this number?

4. Lovell and Linda Griffith - October 2, 2014

We live in the Lake St. Louis area and would like to contact anyone who is associated with God’s ecclesia for fellowship and/or bible study. You may contact us by email or call 636-887-0746. We have just recently come into contact with the videos and the audios of the various speakers and are eager to contact some of like faith in this region.
Thanks – The Griffiths

5. Lovell and Linda Griffith - October 2, 2014

Forgot to leave email address for the Griffiths; it is lgriff2634@sbcglobal.net

6. ron Beedle - November 14, 2014

My name is Ron Beedle, I live in Mexico MO. and I go to a bible study. We are studding about the true definition of hell and Universal Reconciliation. We are using James W. Bruggeman and Dr. Stephen Jones CD’s and books. They explains line upon line so you can understand it for yourself. I believe the bible can interpret itself and this is how these men teach. If you would like to contact me at rbeedle42@gmail.com or text 573.228.0825. Blessings to you !!

7. Nikki Leach - July 8, 2015

Hi, I live in the Mexico area. If anyone in my area or Columbia is interested in getting together I also do a bi- weekly study with Ron Beedle posted above. We are only a group of 5 so would welcome more believers!

8. ozfan2000 - September 4, 2018

Anyone in Springfield?

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