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1. Nancy - May 30, 2014

My son in southern Norway is a believer. I wonder if there are others there who would make use of this site to connect with those who also believe in the salvation of all. Let me hear from you. God’s peace be with you.

2. Jimi - December 24, 2019

Hi im a beliver from sweden ! Hope you see this !

Carolee van Dyk - February 16, 2020

Hi Jimi, Just saw your post so if you are interested, feel free to connect. I’m in Toronto, Ontario, Canada however. I’ve been believing this accurate gospel for about 9 years. I’m a recently retired registered nurse.

Matthew Holland - March 29, 2020

Hi Jimi,
My name is Matthew Holland. I live in Arendal, Norge. Feel free to get in touch.

3. Mikael Solheim - May 21, 2021


I am a believer (21/yo) from Bergen, Norway. Solheimmikael@gmail.com

Carolee van Dyk - May 21, 2021

Hello Mikael, nice to see you post here. I’m near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I’m at 10zookeeper4@gmail.com.

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