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1. Sherman Eastland - October 26, 2012

My name is Sherman Eastland. I am part of a small Bible study group meeting in a local hospital cafeteria. I teach the Gospel of God as The Savior Of All.

Lynda Garrison - July 20, 2013

Hello Sherman, I currently live in East Texas, but, am considering re-locating to Amarillo (where I grew up). I also still have family there (altho they don’t believe in UR). Would like to know more about your Bible Study.

Gleason Parker - October 11, 2013

Lynda: I am from Palestine in East Texas, but now live in Austin, would be glad to email with you , fellowship is a bit sparse, around here, I think Amarillo has some UR people, but it is a long way from here.

Sherman Eastland - November 14, 2014

Lynda, I am suddenly reminded of your post. Please forgive me. I am an old, former Baptist preacher now occupied as chaplain for Gentiva Hospice. I learned of the salvation of all in or about 2001. It opened my eyes to what I had slowly seeing coming to my understanding. It did give me new life! Are you now living in Amarillo? Please contact me again.

Lynda Garrison - November 14, 2014

Hi Sherman, thanks for your message. You can contact me at LyndaSue18@gmail.com .

Justin Redden - April 20, 2018

Gleason Parker: Just found your post from 2013 (ha). I also live in Austin, TX. Do you know of any small groups who get together from time to time in this area? Let me know. Thanks!

Lynda Garrison - November 23, 2014

Sherman, I wanted to contact you, but couldn’t find your contact info.

2. Barb Rudstrom - February 24, 2013

Barb Rudstrom – February 23, 2013

I live in NM. I get email form Clyde and Martin, I would love to be in contact with someone who believes in the reconcilleation of ALL of God’s creation and so much more of what I am learning through Clyde and Martin from God our Father…

Maximus Proximo - February 25, 2013

Hi Barb

I live in Amarillo, TX and there are several people here who believe in UR. Where are you from in NM? We got 20″ of snow today and all I see is white. :>) I’ve studied Martin Zender for 8 years and really love Clyde’s teachings and books.
Maximus Proximo

Barb Rudstrom - February 26, 2013

Hi Maximus

I live in Alamogordo. One of my neighbors is from Amarillo. I am originaly from MN so I can relate!!! I love the snow…I just don’t like driving in it. I first came to know Clyde and Martin through a friend of mine here, Elwin Roach, who sent me an email about the book “Hope Beyond Hell’ by Gerry ??? (sorry can’t think of his last name). Anyway one thing led to another and here I am. I have believed and have heard a lot of what I do believe in since the early 80’s but getting into the Pauline Epicales is a bit new and exciting for me. Thanks for your reply…

LOL, Barb

Gleason Parker - October 11, 2013

Hello Barb: My name is Gleason Parker, I live in Austin, TX. I also read the book “hope beyond Hell” , it is by Gerry Beuchemin, he has a small abridged version and also the big book, I have listened to many kingdom preachers, but Like Martin and Clyde; no like minded people here in Austin that I know of. I also like Stephen Jones who believes in UR, and is quite a bible student; he has lots of booklets and books, so he is very biblically based. Good to see this page, I am not too computer savvy, but this is a good way to spread the good news. I also have most of the Concordant literature, which is good to explain basic “problem” texts, I would recommend them, also. I am a bit confused about who goes to heaven or if the kingdom is coming to earth. Eventually, the reconciliation of all, is paramount, so Clyde and Martin are good at this.

Barb Rudstrom - October 12, 2013

Hi Gleason: Thanks for the reply. When I first signed on here there was no listing for NM untill I joined. I live in Alamogordo, NM. I have read Gerry’s online book (H B H), excellent!!! There is a man, Elwin Roach, here in Alamogordo, he believes… Not sure if he is as deep into it as Clyde and Martin are but it was through Elwin’s email I came to hear about Gerry and his book, and from there hearing about Martin and Clyde. All I can say is I am so very thankful to our Father-God for His leading me as He has. Many questions I have had, have been answered through Martin and Clyde’s writings and those they are familiar with. I have most of Clyde’s books and All of Martin’s books at this point. I have been a believer since the early 80’s. But I am still learning so much. I am more at peace/rest at this point in my life then I think I have ever been. OK… about Heaven…if you get emails from Clyde The last “Bible Students Notebook” #414, that came to me last week but was also emailed to me today is excellent!!! ‘A Glimpse of Heaven’. It may help answer some of your questions. God Bless you and thanks again for your reply. LOL, Barb

Lovell and Linda Griffith - October 2, 2014

Hi Gleason,
My name is Lovell Griffith and I think I used to attend church with you at the Austin, TX WCG. Didn’t you have a brother who attended also. Our pastor was Carl Koellner and he seemed to believe in Universal Salvation.
I’d like to hear from you. My wife and I live in the St. Louis, MO area and it’s hard to find anyone around here with similar beliefs. We have just recently come into the knowledge of this group of people. We listen and watch Clyde, Martin, Dan and David Sielaff.
Our email address is lgriff2634@sbcglobal.net.
Lovell and Linda Griffith

3. daniel turcotte - May 25, 2013

HELLO, i am daniel turcotte and i live between katy and houston texas. is there anyone who lives in the area??

Loan Tran - February 21, 2014

Hi Daniel, I’m Loan and I live in Houston, TX, precisely in Katy/Cypress area. I’ve read most of Martin Zender’s book.

Daniel Turcotte - February 23, 2018

Good where exactly do you reside in the katy area?

Tiffany - May 13, 2018

Hello I love also in Houston Area!! Would love to have house get together!!

4. Judy Rodriguez - June 17, 2013

I’m Judy Rodriguez and we live in McAllen, Texas. We believe that Christ Jesus is the Savior of All. I know only one other couple in the area that agrees. I read and follow Clyde Pilkington and Martin Zender regularly. Contact me if you’re in the area and want to connect.

5. Sherman Eastland - June 18, 2013

Judy, My name is Sherman Eastland. i live along way from you – Amarillo. Not many folks here believe in the thought of The Savior Of All YET!!!! Just live it and tell it!

Judy Rodriguez - June 18, 2013

Thanks, Sherman. It’s good to have this site to connect and encourage others.

6. Lynda Garrison - July 20, 2013

Hello, My name is Lynda Garrison. I live in Lindale, Tx—close to Tyler. I would like to fellowship with anyone in this area who believes in UR. Would also like to fellowship over the phone. Have read much on UR, and believe it with all my heart. Would like to get a home church/bible study started.

Steve Moreland - August 29, 2013

Hi Lynda, I might be the closest like minded believer in your area, we live north of Ft. Worth. My brother lives in Kaufman so we get out in that area at times. Let’s get connected by phone or e-mail!!
Steve (682-999-2244)

7. Steve Moreland - August 28, 2013

Greetings and Blessings!
My wife and I just moved to the Dallas/Ft Worth area and are trying to find like minded believers! We have been blessed with a great friendship with Martin and he told us to check this blog for fellow believers! Phone or fellowship or however we can get to know others in Texas would be awesome! My e-mail is no1dur@gmail.com or phone is 982-999-2244

Steve Moreland - August 28, 2013

My correct phone # is : 682-999-2244, I almost got it right the first time..

Carrie Trussell - October 5, 2013

My name is Carrie Trussell and my husband and I have lived in the Dallas area for a year now. We just recently came to the knowledge that Jesus is the Savior of all and are seeking fellowship with other believers. Please email me if your wife and you would be interested in getting together with us. carrietrussell@yahoo.com

Steve Moreland - October 11, 2013

Hi Carrie,
So far you two are the closest to us, lets get together! Call or e-mail us at 682-999-2244 or no1dur@gmail.com

8. Daniel - February 23, 2014

Sure I would like to know if there is a church that stands firmly on universal salvation.
Please contact me via email.

9. Daniel - February 23, 2014

My email is dturcotte733@gmail.com
I forgot to post it for my last message.

10. Lynda Garrison - July 27, 2014

Lynda Garrison – July 26, 2014

I still live in East Texas, close to Tyler. Please text me at 903-283-2082, if you are in the area and want to fellowship in any way around UR themes. Would still like to meet on a regular basis with like-minded believers. My home is open.
Lyndasue757@yahoo.com is my email address.

11. emmett crabtree - November 3, 2014

name is Emmett crabtree I live in the Texarkana, ar. area . I am interested in univerisal atonement. is there anyone in this area who are interested .

12. Lynda Garrison - November 4, 2014

Emmett, from the posts, I think I’m probably the closest to you. If u ever get south, call, and maybe we can meet somewhere for fellowship.

13. Deana & Jarett - November 7, 2014

Hello, my husband Jarett and I have, in the last yr, been shown by God the truth. Amazing is our God, bc the path (when I look back on it) is crazy. So here we r and like many of you, feeling somewhat alone in our faith. Do y’all often wonder what it would be like to go to a church that believed? I found Zender from a small church he spoke at in LA, Abiding Hope. We r planning to go by there on a trip next week so I’ll let u know how it goes. I have been listening to their teaching for a couple months. Does anyone else know of another solid believing church that has messages online? Lynda and Emmett looks like y’all are the closest. We r in Longview. Maybe sometime we can get together and share.

Lynda Garrison - November 8, 2014

I LOVE Abiding Hope Fellowship online. Their messages/teachings are awesome. I’ve been trying to figure how I might could move to the area. I would definitely be interested in hearing how your visit goes. Thanks Lynda

14. Deana & Jarett - November 14, 2014

We just returned from our trip. Everyone was so wonderful at Abiding Hope. They were so welcoming and open to share and listen. They made wonderful homemade pizza and we sat around at tables to listen and had discussion afterwards. By the end of the evening we felt encouraged and no longer felt so alone in our beliefs. They have emailed links and other info for us to have for further study. I can’t wait till we can make another trip down. I really hope you can visit them someday. Be sure to email them and make contact. They would love to hear from you I know.

Lynda Garrison - November 14, 2014

Deana & Jarrett, so pleased to hear about your trip.

Shirley Shumake - April 20, 2015

Hi Lynda, I just now found this site. Are you still in Lindale? I live in Tyler., and am interested in fellowship too. I’ve been studying for several years about UR, but not yet acquainted with the people of this website. I want to know more. Please write. Thanks Shirley

15. Darron - December 15, 2014

I am in Plano Texas on business from Monday Dec 14- Friday Dec 19 if there is anyone in the Plano area it would be nice to meet for dinner and have some fellowship. 🙂 –

16. maria blackwell - March 16, 2015

Anyone who believes in the Gospel of Grace contact me in The Woodlands or Houston area!

DeeAnn Murphy - July 31, 2015

Hi Maria, I live in Spring. God opened my eyes to the Gospel of Grace in 2013. Would love to connect with you!

DeeAnn Murphy - July 31, 2015

Maria, you can call or text me at 713-586-9107. -DeeAnn Murphy

angela heckt - December 5, 2015

Hi Maria. I live in Magnolia Texas and would love to connect with you. My email address is angelaheckt@yahoo.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

Zsuzsanna Tomlinson - February 22, 2016
17. Steve Moreland - March 20, 2015

Greetings fellow believers in Christ!
My wife and I have moved to Tyler Texas very recently and are thinking of getting something going here in the east Texas area. If you are interested in a home fellowship type of gathering please let us know! I promise you good food and a great time in discussions of our Lord! And yes Lynda I have you on our list 🙂
My phone is: 682-999-2244
Steve Moreland

lyndasue18 - April 2, 2015

Thanks, Steve, it was very nice meeting you and your wife. I love the Martin Zender book. A real eye opener.

Shirley Shumake - April 20, 2015

Hi Steve,
I can’t believe my eyes! I’ve found your comment on the same morning I first discovered this site. I’ve wished for fellowship with other UR believers for 2 or 3 years, and am thrilled to see we live in the same town. I’m especially glad contact with others is provided. I will call you if I don’t hear from you soon from this contact. Thanks for your invitation. Tell me more…Shirley

Steve Moreland - April 20, 2015

Hi Shirley!
Call me anytime and let’s get together soon!

Steve Moreland - September 5, 2015

Shirley , I have lost your phone number, can you call me or text me at 682-999-2244…..blessings!

18. Jeffrey Stafford - June 3, 2015

Looking for a study group at Canyon Lake or Surrounding areas in salvation of all believers.

19. Rick Caswell - July 30, 2015

Houston, Texas. Reading Martin Zender and others. Anyone City of Houston general area? I am specifically East Side Inner Loop.

Mildred Hale - August 27, 2015

Only recently came across M. Zender’s Crack O’ Dawn, then on to links re Salvation of All. I am located in Central Texas (Mexia, home-town of Ann Nacole Smith) in a small town with no known seekers of truth. Formerly attended WCG in Fort Worth…Contact with Tentmaker, etc., but no direct contact. Interested in communicating with other “seekers,” as de-programming from past error is best accomplished with support from others (I think) Phone number (254) 472-5042.

Rodney Paris - October 7, 2015

Hey Mildred, I have been on the journey learning of the grace of God and UR for a short while but have been learning, unlearning, and growing quickly. God is SO much better and cooler that I have ever been told before. I live in Robertson county so I am just down the road from you… and yes, I was in the WCG… Waco and Austin… My email is thesecondstudio@hotmail.com… but I think I will be txting and then giving you a call. “De-programming” in deed… I have a lot of listening time and have been listing to Zender and Sheridan for about a year.

Elvis Stlone Sr. - September 18, 2016

TO: Rick Caswell or anyone nearby. I live near the Bay Brook Mall area. This is my first time on this site so may not do this right. I am long time believer and about 10 years into “Savior of all men”. A Email reply would be welcome. My website is old and am working on an update.

20. Steve Moreland - December 14, 2015

My wife and I just got back from a weekend meeting in Springfield MO with Martin Zender. I am trying to get him to come to Tyler TX in the next few months, anyone interested to meeting and having some great fellowship with Martin? Drop me a line at no1dur@gmail.com
Thanks Steve Moreland

Jeffrey L. Stafford - December 15, 2015

I could possibly come depending on the date, I live at Canyon Lake Texas, Jeffrey S.

Steve Moreland - December 15, 2015

Great Jeffery, will let you know when we have a date set up

Lauren - January 3, 2016

Lauren from Terrell here. Just sent you an email. I would love to meet with you all. 🙂

21. Carrie Trussell - December 15, 2015

I would be very interested!

Steve Moreland - December 15, 2015

Hi Carrie, will let you know when we get a date set in place, should be on a Saturday.

Nancy - December 17, 2015

Hi Steve – This is Nancy from the Springfield meeting. I would travel to Tyler from Arkansas to meet again. Keep us posted. Loved meeting you and your wife.

22. Lauren R. - January 3, 2016

Believer in Terrell, Texas here. Would love to get together.

Steve Moreland - January 3, 2016

Hi Lauren, Terrell is just down the road, lets try to meet up somewhere ok?

Lauren R. - January 3, 2016

OK. Just respond to my email and we can talk about where and when.

23. Steve Moreland - January 4, 2016

Great, just give me a call or text me at 682-999-2244, pick a place like a restaurant, available throughout the week

Lauren Reed - September 19, 2016

Steve…I moved to Rockwall and still have all the books you lent to me of Martin’s. My phone number is the same….469 652 4032.

I no longer have that older email address. New one is DaisyMeadow2016@gmail.

Hope you see this and get back in touch. Surely you are bqck from France by now. Would love to have you and your wife over. My backyard is the lake. We could practice being fishermen. Or ummm fisherpeople. 🙂

24. Charlene Berrie - October 28, 2016

We are just learning about rightly dividing the Word of Truth . Our group is small. We are in San Angelo, Texas. You have to be wanting to get here as we aren’t on the road to any place else.

Jeanette Redden - January 25, 2017

Hi. Jeanette Redden in San Antonio Texas. I saw Charlene Berrie from San Angelo, and Jeffrey Stafford from Canyon Lake which is closest to San Antonio. My cell ph is 512.566.2825.

Jeanette Redden - August 28, 2017

Thank you for your reply from Canyon Lake Texas. However I moved to Ranger Texas recently which is west of Fort Worth. Bless you.

25. Mike Owens - May 15, 2017

We have a small fellowship in the Dallas area focused on the fact that our Savior was and is successful. He came to save the world, and we believe that Romans 5:18,19 is true.
Anyone interested in meeting with us the first Sunday of the month, give me a call 214-882-1173.
Mike Owens

Jeanette Redden - August 28, 2017

Hi. I just moved to Ranger Texas off I20 west of Ft Worth/Weatherford.. Do you still meet once a month in the Dallas area? My cell ph is 512.566.2825, email is reddenjeanette@yahoo.com. thanks!

Nneka Nwosu - February 12, 2018

I am interested in bible study/fellowship. Please let me know if offer still stands.


Tiffany Weber - February 21, 2018

hello! I am also in for this as well!! I live in Houston area!

26. Daniel Cotten - October 22, 2017

Looking for fellowship in the Magnolia/Spring area. I am a grace believer of the “Acts 28” persuasion. The extent of the atonement / reconciliation is certainly open for discussion.

Tiffany Weber - February 21, 2018

I live in Tomball, TX! would love to fellowship!

27. Richard - November 10, 2017

Hi, looking for people in San Antonio who are SME on bullinger. Please email me to start corresponding

28. Daniel Turcotte - January 20, 2018

I live in the West Houston Texas and Katy ares

Tiffany Weber - February 21, 2018

I live in Tomball,tx

29. Nneka Nwosu - February 12, 2018

My name is Nneka and I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area (originally from Nigeria). I moved to TX last year from NJ (by way of Virginia – my place of ‘humiliation’.) I came out of the organized religion almost 2 years ago, and I’m seeking a group of like-mind believers to study and fellowship with. I bumped into this website last night after a simple talk with my Father concerning my yearning to be with other believers.

30. Tiffany Weber - February 21, 2018

Hello Everyone! I give thanks to the Lord for my heart has been longing for this kind of connection with finding more and more people who are in my area of knowing the true Good News! I live in Houston, tx.. Tomball area! my husband and I have left the church systems and are looking for fellowship. My email is tiffanyweber94@gmail.com

31. Tiffany - May 14, 2018

Would anyone be interested in getting all of us to meet together who live in Texas?
I know we all live in different parts of Texas but it would be nice to meet each other.
Email at Tiffanyweber94@gmail.com

Steve Moreland - June 2, 2018

Hi Tiffany, As you know Texas is big and we are scattered all over it! There seems to be quite a few in the Houston and Dallas area’s, then many scattered all over. Sadly we can’t seem to get together…

Tiffany - June 4, 2018

I live in Houston! Trying to find something here soon.

32. Robert Reynolds - August 17, 2019

Hi, Robert here. I live in Azle Texas.God gave me the revelation of the salvation of all years years ago. My emai is robertd1952@gmail.com— cell-817-343-2864

33. Jeanette Redden - January 10, 2020

Hi. I live in Ranger Texas, off of I20, half way between Ft Worth and Abilene.

Jeanette Redden - January 10, 2020

Contact info for Jeanette Redden in Ranger Tx: email is reddenjeanette@yahoo.com and cell # is 512.566.2825.

34. John Christopher - June 12, 2020

My name is John. I’m needing some fellowship with like minded people. Anyone out there around the Dallas area?

Wilford House - December 23, 2020

Hello John, my name is
Wilford, Moved from Louisiana in 2018 to Bonham, Tx. I grew up in Fannin county. At one time I worked in th Dallas area. I have been inolved wih Universal Reconciliation for a number of years. We might be able to meet somewhere . ph.# 3182306830.

reddenjeanetteyahoocom - December 30, 2020

Hi John. Mike Owens lives in the Dallas are & meets with fellow universal salvation believers. You can email him at MIKEOWENS83@GMAIL.COM and he has a website http://www.thevbvs.com (Bible verses banned by Bible believing believers). He also wrote a small book about the ultimate salvation of all, available on publisher Clyde Pilkington website StudyShelf.com.

35. Zed - December 18, 2021

Bedford Texas. Lonely. Salvation of ALL but not universalism please. Thanks. Straight up MZ teaching truth through Paul fixed on Christ and Christ alone. Anyone? stillcrows1962@gmail.com

Darron Haworth - December 19, 2021

Darron Haworth, Roseville Commiefornia 916 215 6071. Any friend of Martin Zender is a brother and friend of mine.

36. Nicolas Worsham - August 11, 2022

Hi, I’m Nicolas Worsham. Jacksonville, Texas. Jesus brought me to know the truth in 2021. Would Love to have fellowship with those who share the blessing and knowledge of Universal Reconciliation.

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