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1. Mary Padgett - January 6, 2015

1. Mary Padgett – July 10, 2011

I am interested in learning more and sharing information on scriptures regarding the “Savior of all peoples. I have many questions and would like help with finding accurate answers and discussing the scriptures which are unclear to me at this time. It is difficult to find those who are like minded and willing to think out side of the box.The sheeple seem to stick together living a life controlled by fear of mistranslated information. I came out of a very controlled church after 40 years. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done but now am free to learn what is truth and what is error. I would great to have support in the learning process.

Hope to hear from some one soon and share information regarding spiritual growth and learn about more the nature of the Father and His Son and how we are to pattern our lives after Them. I am open minded have learn much from the book “Daily Goodies – 365 Thought on Spiritual Truths” by Clyde Pilkington, & some of the writtings of EW Bullinger.(The Christian’s Greatest Needs)

Have a greatest day ever.

Nancy – October 13, 2013

Dear Mary – I do not live in Washington, but plan to move from Arkansas to Salem, Oregon, in the spring of 2014. I know what you mean about the isolation associated with new truth. So, even though we will not be near, I would be happy to converse with you and perhaps meet one day in the future. I see no one in Oregon, except for one person who has not replied to me. I see that your post is rather old, so I hope you see this. Nancy

3. Jeff – November 4, 2013

Maybe not many folks know about this blog yet. I’m in western washington and would like to talk. In the meantime, I’ve been listening to Zender, Sheridan, and reading Clyde’s stuff. Finally got a Concordant NT to read.

Nancy – November 4, 2013

Hi Jeff – It is so nice to have someone from the area reply. You are the first one I have encountered. Are you part of a group of believers or a loner too? God used my adult son to lead me to the truth and what a wonderful realization about who and what Christ really is and of the immeasurable scope of love they have for their creation. What a weight off my shoulders to know the ramifications of being called into the Body of Christ.

What or who led you to the truth?

Jeff – November 11, 2013

Sorry for the delay, Nancy. I’m a loner. I have not found a like minded believer yet in my circle of friends. I’m sure glad your son was brave enough to talk to you about this.

I have been searching for what I believe about God and why for about 3 years since coming out of a non-denom. church. I was attracted to the sovereignty of God promoted by covenant theology and explored that for about a year until I ran up against man made rules I still had to follow, like submitting to elder rule, and a fenced communion table.

I started digging into my translations to see if the words were being translated correctly, and between that and my web searching, came across Martin’s site and started listening and reading.

Very shocking truths at first – scared me away from sites like the concordant concern for a while. But its sinking in and making sense.

4. jeffreyps – November 21, 2013


some of us are headed to this forum for much needed discussion/fellowship. Just found out about this via Zender’s broadcast.

5. Mike Kelly – February 12, 2014

Hi Jeff and Nancy, I’m Mike and I am a like minded believer, an unabashed Christian Universalist. I live in Vancouver Washington and would like to share our beliefs and experiences with both of you.

Nancy – February 16, 2014

Hi Mike: I look forward to meeting you and Dennis Galvin and the others one day after I move to Salem. So happy to finally see some activity on this great link to others.

6. jeffreyps – February 12, 2014

Mike, come on over to the godsplanforall site and let’s talk. Glad you’re here.

7. Mike Kelly – February 13, 2014

Yes, I like this site I downloaded their online book and printed it for personal study three years ago. An excellent work. Hope Beyond Hell by Gerry Beauchemin is an awesome study too. His book is downloadable on the web for free.

8. jeffreyps – February 13, 2014

Mike, I’m referring to a different site – godsplanforall.yuku.com. It’s just a forum to discuss stuff. check it out and lets do that. We may be a little different in our beliefs from the typical universalist – might be good to explore that.

Nancy – February 16, 2014

I have joined the godsplanforall site and was happy to have contact with fellow believers and those coming into the truth. My one issue is that many have been sidetracked into dates, calendars, etc. I find this a serious diversion from the important discussions that are really relevant to our calling. It is an interesting topic, but I find people’s time and thoughts can become consumed with their speculations and theorys on these matters at the expense of more important truth. I continue to enjoy the contact and the help we can offer one another.

jeff – February 16, 2014

I am guilty of this date research. I disagree that it is a serious diversion. Nancy, I would encourage you to start a new topic for discussion. I visit and wonder why the few who have joined are not doing this, including the one responsible for the site. You and I talked about child rearing helps and that was good. What else is on your mind? My calling is no more than what I’m doing now as God has enabled me. My thoughts are consumed with being out of work with the responsibilities of a family – so I find this date research a helpful diversion.

Mike – February 17, 2014

Yes I got the site name straight now, thank you! When you say people are sidetracked into dates and calendars are you referring to date setting for example, Christ’s 2nd coming or the rapture?

9. Dennis Glavin – February 14, 2014

Hi Jeff, Nancy and Mike

I live in Vancouver WA. We are starting a small get together to teach the scriptures and fellowship with a few hamburgers and French fries! LOL

Give me an email or call if you can join or if you would just like to meet!

Dennis Glavin

10. jeff – February 15, 2014

Appreciate the invite Dennis – I probably will not get down that way though. Can you point me to resources you use (websites, bible versions, authors, etc? I’m always looking for more reading these days, especially from folks that understand the two gospels.

11. Gabriel Alexander – February 16, 2014

Hello everyone, in the name of Christ! I live in the far NW corner of the country, in Bellingham. I feel geographically and spiritually isolated here and would like to get in touch with fellow believers in God’s majestic plan for the Salvation of all. If anyone is interested, please contact me directly at gabealexander26@yahoo.com.

Gabe Alexander

12. Nancy – February 19, 2014

Yes, I was referring to that. My comments were only cautionary, as I have seen what happens if it becomes an important focus with a person. No criticism was intended. The study of moons, dates, and times is interesting and God does use all of these. However, not even Christ knows when he will return.

I know where Jeff is coming from, my husband left us for a 20 year old when he was 53 and I had to raise two boys alone. The truth is a great comfort when faced with great stress, I wish I had known the truth back then. God’s peace to all of you.

13. jeff – February 20, 2014

Darn it, Nancy, I am sure sorry to hear what you’ve been through. No question about it, we are going to have plenty of pain to contrast with the glory coming.

Maybe we should all talk here too. I see Martin announced this website again on his webcast, and more are showing up here than at the yuku site.


14. Nancy – February 21, 2014

I think that is a great idea. I am so happy Martin mentioned this link to others on his program. In spite of our trials in life and whatever may come, we are so blessed to be among the Body of Christ. I welcome input from you and the others.

I am very saddened by the extreme trials Dan Sheridan is going through and I hope we all will try to help him financially in any way possible at this time. All of our mentors are having a difficult time, but Dan especially. God bless him and the others. Have a blessed weekend.

15. Dennis Glavin – March 31, 2014

Hi All

As you can see I do not get to this site and email much, sorry about that. To Jeff’s comment above on other resources, I think we are studying from the same resources, the scriptures, Dan S, MZ, Clyde and all their materials, audios, videos etc etc. These are where I find myself most of the time. I do have a 350 page exposition from EW Bullinger on the Book of Revelations if you would like for me to send it to you give me an email at:


My wife, after 10 years of marriage has just recently been interested( Of Gods doing) in these precious truths, it obviously has delighted my own heart, for it has brought a relative amount of peace into our relationship, in contrast to before, specially when things get stirred up.

We (together) have been able to send some donations to a few of the brothers who have been going through some difficult times.

We have been meeting each Sunday here in Vancouver this past month. We meet at Mike Kelly’s home, at 215 Baltimore Vancouver WA at 10 am. Anyone is welcome to come and if you would like to come down(or up) for the weekend we have a bed for you here at our house. Give me a call if you like. 360-721-0380.


16. Nancy – March 31, 2014

Thank you for your efforts on behalf of fellow believers. I will be in touch if and when God decides to place me in Oregon.

17. Dennis Glavin – April 24, 2014

Hi Nancy

After posting in Oregon just now….. I jumped over from Oregon believers too Washington believers and read your reply on when you move or not, its up too God as you say.

Its a big “duh” on my part! :):):)

I hope everyone is going well……. in spirit especially!


Nancy – April 24, 2014

I can tell you for sure, when God takes care of things, it turns out better than one could EVER imagine. I have sold my place to the perfect person who will love it as much as I do. What makes it even better, he is paying cash for the whole thing. When I meet you I will have to tell you about all the other blessings included in this sale. I’m still shaking my head in amazement. Thanks for the reply.

18. Susan Locke Lovelady – April 26, 2014

Hi everyone, Hi Dennis it has been awhile!

Last time I checked this site not one person from Washington had posted. I am happily suprised to see some posts here! I too live in the far NW corner of Washington in Bellingham.

I would love to come to your gathering someday Dennis. Does Karen M ever come, she lives in Portland?


Dear Nancy

I first wrote comments July 10 2011 and checked several times and was a little saddened as no one had replied.

It took two years and three months – so happy God answered my need to connect me with like minded believers. What a blessing to see all the responses.

When I opened the blog to my surprise a special lady by the name of Nancy had responded to my comment. Thanks Nancy It will be nice to have the fellowship on line. I live in Sequim Washington on the Olympic Peninsula east of Port Angeles. There are no group believers around here that I am aware of but hopefully some day that will change. I am currently reading a book by Bob Evely titled At the End of the Ages” The Abolition of Hell. Has anyone read it?

2. dhworth - January 21, 2018

I revived my old directory of believers at https://urdirectory.org as well as my old blog http://largerhope.org

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