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1. Lee Schneidermann - March 23, 2010

Greetings from Cedar Rapids.
There is a small group, (8), here that meets in a home twice a week. We study the Bible and read various author’s works about rightly dividing, faith, prayer, & the reconciliation of all.
This is a very informal gathering of believers.
We’d love to meet you & share what we’ve learned & hopefully learn from you too.

Nick Beelman - May 9, 2016

Hi, God recently opened my eyes to this truth just 3 months ago. I live in southeast Iowa near Mt. Pleasant. I would love to fellowship with others with like faith. […] I would travel to Cedar Rapids, just 1 hr and 15 minutes away, or would like to fellowship with others even closer. Thanks, Nick

2. Tom Sargent - August 9, 2012

Hello Lee, Clyde and Zender are coming here to Sioux Falls, Aug 24-26 and thought maybe you and others would like to come to Sioux Falls for the conference. Give me a call if your interested. Tom Sargent 605-941-9150

3. Lee Schneidermann - August 10, 2012

Thank-you for your invitation! Unfortunately I work at a small private college here in Cedar Rapids, & that is right at the time our students return to campus.
I’m from George, Iowa originally, (about 60 miles from Sioux Falls).
Hope to meet with you sometime when I’m up visiting relatives up there.
Would it be ok if I contact you?

Lee Schneidermann

Tom Sargent - August 10, 2012

Yes Lee, that would be great to meet you.

4. Amy Schneidermann - April 1, 2013

Hello from Marion, Iowa…..Meeting together in a relaxed laid back environment twice a week for in home bible study teaching rightly dividing the word of truth, prayer and universal reconciliation of all. Also the little sister to Lee.
Amy Schneidermann

Nick Beelman - May 31, 2016

Hi Amy, wondering if you still meet in the Cedar Rapids area. […] My wife and I would love to find some believers to fellowship with.
Nick Beelman 319-865-4704

5. Nick Beelman - May 31, 2016

Still wanting to hear if a group still meets in the Cedar Rapids area. I have not heard from anyone. Please let me know, or call me at 319-865-4704.

Wendy Mirth - September 18, 2017

Nick, My husband and I just moved to the Marengo area. Did you ever find out about the CR group? Or still looking for fellowship? We aren’t super close to you in Mt. Pleasant, but if there is a “middle” in IC or CR, that would be great!

Nick Beelman - September 18, 2017

Yeah, that sounds great. Currently I have been having some health problems resulting from a 2 1/2 month bacterial infection, followed by IBD symptoms and awaiting a CT scan, all the while trying to do some of my business work. So once I get some answers and continue to heal, it would be nice to meet and have some fellowship. I have been wanting to go out to see Clyde Pilkington for the past 2 summers, but God has not willed it yet. Maybe we will all meet soon at the rapture of the Body of Christ. Keep in touch, Nick

Nick Beelman - September 18, 2017

P.S. I never did hear from anyone from the Cedar Rapids area. The called out of this age truly are few in number. Meanwhile the churches are full of people believing in and worshiping the doctrines of man based on mistranslations of scripture.

6. Wendy Mirth - September 22, 2017

Thanks for getting back to me, Nick. Will pray for your healing and check back here now and then to see if you feel ready for fellowship. “Few in number” is so true. I have one friend in Ankeny who is starving for fellowship too. She and I will get together about once a month to stay sane until the Lord’s return.

Joshua Beelman - December 11, 2017

Hi Wendy, I’m Joshua, Nick’s son. Yesterday my dad passed away. I was googling his name just to see what all would pop up. This thread was one of the results. I just wanted to notify you of this since you had said you would periodically check in. My dad cared so much about finding a group of like believers and I didn’t want to leave you empty as I know he did not like empty results himself. Sorry to pop up on here with bad news, I just wanted you to know he cared and he wasn’t just ignoring this thread. Thanks for understanding. -Joshua Beelman

Wendy Mirth - August 18, 2018

Hello Joshua Beelman. Sorry it took me so long to see this, and even more sorry to hear the news about your dad. Never did get to meet him. Thanks for posting and letting me know. I am moving yet again soon, so wanted to check in here and let people know that and also see what is going on in MN (where we are going). Blessings to you. Wendy Mirth

7. Wes Fahlenkamp - February 24, 2019

Wes Fahlenkamp
Des Moines

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