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1. Graham Hoffrichter - February 28, 2013

Hi. Would like to make contact with other persons in Australia or South Australia who believe in Universal Salvation for all Creation. Thanks.

Graham Hoffrichter - March 14, 2013
Barry - November 28, 2013

Hi Graham,great to see some Aussies called to believe the
salvation of all of our Fathers creation.I have been involved with
Ernest Martin for many years, also Clyde Pilkington,and various
like minded people.
I live in WA and another brother also lives in Perth.
I get great enjoyment being involved with the Dan Julian Forum
A lady on that forum (Margaret)is from SA and another lady
(Shirley) is I think from QL.
great to see your post,regards Barry

2. Rosemary, Pamela, Belinda - March 28, 2013

There are 3 of us in Western Australia who believe Paul’s Evangel
and have believed the Salvation of All for some time prior to having
learned this Truth. We are all agreed that it would be wonderful to
be in contact with other Australian’s who are in the Body of Christ,
however due to past experiences we are wary of making contact
before hand as we are female and Christ Jesus is our head in all
matters spiritual and this cannot be compromised in any way. It is
wonderful to see Mr. Hoffrichter of South Australia pop up on this
site, perhaps we may all benefit and encourage each other on the
journey, and place our trust in the Lord to lead others to fellowship
in due course.

3. Graham Hoffrichter - March 28, 2013

Hi, Rosemary, Pamela and belinda,

Wonderful to hear of other folks in Western Australia who believe in Paul,s Gospel of Grace and our Heavenly Father and our Elder Brother, Jesus,s love for all of creation.

Am I correct in assuming that that you are connected to Bible Students Notebook, a website set up by Clyde Pilkington, Jr, and have accessed the Fellowship and Contact Blog?.

May I suggest another web site that my friends and I have been connected to for many years with the main theme of Salvation for all.
The site is “askelm.com” set up by Dr. Ernest Martin and the Director is David Sielaff. I highly recommend this site to any serious students of the Bible.

My wife and I live in Ceduna and if you drive drive to the eastern states, you have to drive through our town. Would love to meet you.

May God bless you all as He leads you to a greater love of His Word.

Thanks for your contact, Yours in Christian love, Graham Hoffrishter.

Rosemary, Pamela, Belinda - March 30, 2013

Greetings Graham,
it is nice to see your warm reply, we welcome genuine contacts
and appreciate your invitation. Being familiar with the teachings
of Dr. Martin it is heartwarming to see that there is a whole lot
more teaching and Bible Studies to be had from the website you
have given us. We will keep in touch via e-mail from now on
I will get Pamela and Belinda ( mother of 7 who is very busy
and may not be able to do so )- we will correspond via a loop e-mail if you like!

Likewise, may God Bless you and your wife and family.

We long to learn if there are more Australians on this journey, and if indeed there are any brothers carrying on Paul’s
work in this Country – perhaps we may all request Father’s will
in this matter as it is – after all, His Call.

our love to you dear Family in Christ!
Rosemary, Pamela Belinda.

4. Graham Hoffrichter - April 3, 2013

Hi Pamela,

Did you receive my email of 5 days ago?.

Regards Graham.

Graham Hoffrichter - June 4, 2013

Have any comments been posted by persons believing in Salvation of All, who live in the eastern states of Australia?
Would like to hear from you.

Karl - November 8, 2013

Graham I live in Launceston, Tasmania.

5. Graham Hoffrichter - November 8, 2013

Hi Karl,

Good to hear from you. If you would like to contact me, here is my email. gacmhoff@gmail.com. Would love to make contact with you.

Kind regards Graham hoffrichter, Ceduna South Australia.

Graham Hoffrichter - November 28, 2013

Hi Karl, Did you receive my email dated November 8th as I have not heard from you yet. Hope to hear from you. My mobile is 0427252436. Keep well. Graham

Karl - March 26, 2014

Sorry Graham for some reason I did not get your email. My email is tasydirtdr@iinet.net.au.

6. Graham Hoffrichter - March 5, 2014

Hi Barry, Graham here. Would like to catch up with you as a friend in W.A. was asking about you. My phone number is 08 86252436 0r mobile 04275252436.

7. David Adam - August 27, 2014


Is there anyone here from brisbane. I like to make contact my name is David Adam and you can contact me on dgcadam@yahoo.com.au.


Luke - October 25, 2016

Hi David. Yes I’m from Brisbane. Do you still live here?

8. Graham Hoffrichter - February 14, 2016

Graham Hoffrichter here again, I have a great friend, a Brother in Christ, who lives in Adelaide, South Australia. He would love to meet with any one who believes in Salvation for all, living in Adelaide.

9. Luke - October 25, 2016

Hi just wondering if anyone who believes in the salvation of all resides in Brisbane?

10. Shaun Sedgman - February 26, 2018

Greetings brethren! My name is Shaun, I am in Geelong, Victoria. The Father has drawn me out of “Christendom”, where I spent about 4 (distressing) years actively seeking the truth. It’s been about year since I’ve been involved in a temple made with hands, but only recently (last few months or so) has it been given me to see the salvation of all in scripture. I can now see it was always there, but was obscured by church doctrine.
I would welcome fellowship in any form, even simply e-mail. My financial situation prevents me travelling easily, but I am open to any possibilities God may open for fellowship/discussion.
Peace and blessings!

11. Shaun Sedgman - February 26, 2018

My name is Shaun, 35, live in Geelong Victoria. Hoping to establish contact with fellow believers via email, and if possible, meet.

Paul Holmes - March 11, 2018

Hi Shaun,
I’m Paul, 65, South Dudley, Victoria (revenuexp at gmail dot com). You are welcome to contact me about universal reconciliation.

Shaun Sedgman - April 3, 2018

G’day Paul! Sorry for the late reply…Dudley is near…Wonthaggi? Been there before…
Do you have fellowship with others in the truth there? I’m in Geelong, and am not aware of any others.
Thanks for messaging, talk soon!

12. graham hoffrichter - February 26, 2018

Hi Shaun, welcome to your beliefs re salvation for all. I live in Ceduna South Australia with about 3000 people and also God has called another member of the belief in Salvation for all about 5 years ago. I left the Lutheran Church more than 40 years ago. May I suggest the internet as a wonderful study tool. My friend and I meet weekly to study several trusted authors of renown whose works are on the internet. May I suggest The Herald of Gods Grace and A.S.K.ELM another great internet site. All the best for your new life in your studies.

Graham Hoffrichter.

Shaun Sedgman - February 27, 2018

Hello Graham, and thanks for messaging. I was once considering wether or not the internet is completely evil, now I wonder how else I could have found the truth! I certainly am online a lot these days, and I will check out the sites you suggested, thanks for that. Hope it’s not too hot up there 🙂

13. Donald - April 2, 2018

My name is Don, 54, I live in Ballarat, Victoria. I’m hoping to contact other believers via email, and if possible, meet. Grace and peace to you all.

Shaun Sedgman - April 3, 2018

G’day Don! I’m Shaun, 35, live in Geelong..feel free to msg/email

Donald - April 5, 2018

Hi Shaun, thanks for your reply. You wrote:”The Father has drawn me out of “Christendom”, where I spent about 4 (distressing) years actively seeking the truth. ” I know where you are coming from. I was a member of the Independent Baptist Church from 1984-1990, until I left in the wake of a second church split, and spent the following 9 years attending a number of different church assemblies and fellowship groups, looking for a new ‘spiritual home’, but gave up, as I could not find anywhere to fit in. I discovered the doctrine of Universal Reconciliation in 2004 through the Tentmaker Ministries website, and more recently, I have been watching Martin Zender videos on YT, which have been a great help to me. If you have come out from under religious tyranny, if you have been burned by legalism, if you have been hurt by spiritual abuse, and if you have struggled with “negative distorted images of God”, I can empathise with you because I have been there. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always.

14. Carolee van Dyk - June 3, 2018

Hello to all my brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ in Australia,

I am a few miles away from you in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Just thought l would check the Australian group and say hi to all of you. We are planning a little meeting where l live June 9 for the first time with 3 other believers and l was arranging it and then thought l would see how active Australia looked for fun so just saying nice to read your blogs too and see you one of these days!

Love in Christ to you all,
Carolee van Dyk

15. Rosemary - June 22, 2018

Hi Carolee,

I was just checking to see if there were any brothers and sisters
in Greece because I am going there in February with my daughter
(God willing), to help her with her 2 young children , and thought I would check out this contact page again,
and saw your note, are you aware that there are quite a few members in Canada, my sister and I correspond with family there. If you like I
can e-mail them and put you in contact – maybe you are even aware
of them anyway. I don’t do facebook or any social media, but would
love to e-mail you if you would like to keep in touch.

Love in Christ, and thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Rosemary C.

Carolee van Dyk - July 10, 2018

Hi Rosemary!

l finally remembered to check the Australia blog. Thanks for replying. Nice to hear from you.
My email is 10zookeeper4@gmail.com. It would be fun to keep in touch with you.

16. Samuel Oluwafemi Oluwawunmi - July 17, 2018

Greetings brethren, please do anyone know of any brethren in South Africa, especially in Johannesburg that believes in the truth of God, the savior of ALL? My name is Samuel and I am based in Johannesburg. I have posted on the South Africa contact since 2016 and no response yet, so I thought I should post here since most Australians do have contact in SA. Thank you for your help.

Wilford House - August 30, 2018

Samuel, my name is Wilford House, I live in Louisiana, USA . I was brought into knowledge of Universal Reconciliation through The Concordant Publishing Concern ( http://www.concordant.org ). they have been publishing a magazine called Unsearchable riches since 1909, along with a host of other writings concerning the salvation of all. The contents of the magazine is available online at https://www.concordant.org/unsearchable-riches/. The site is a treasure trove of writings, and practically everything is downloadable, and free. They are not a money-making organization. Check the site out. I know it will be a blessing to you. Wilford House

SandreS - August 30, 2018

[Administrator:] We also publish many of the Concordant material and resources. We provide the free online Bible Student’s Notebook, which can be found at http://www.biblestudentsnotebook.com/, where many of these articles can be found.

Samuel Oluwafemi Oluwawunmi - August 31, 2018

My dear Wilford House, thank you very much for the response.
I am already familiar with site you mentioned. I got to know about it through Clyde Plkington.
I really appreciate it.

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