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1. LOVEY ROGERS - January 30, 2010


2. Emily Bond - December 28, 2011

I am looking for others to study the truth of God’s word with. I live in Valrico Florida

Larry Edwards - April 25, 2019

I live in Lakeland Florida and I’m looking for others who believe in the salvation of all that live in this area to fellowship with.

3. Fred Jarvis - February 17, 2012

Fred Jarvis New Smyrna Beach, Fl I am looking for a home study group to study the entire Bible esp. Pauls teachings.

Mike Webb - November 10, 2012

My wife and I live in Lady Lake FL or The Villages. I don’t think its too far from you please reply. God Bless

4. Gordon Wallis - March 29, 2012

Gordon Wallis wants fellowship with anyone who believes in the salvation of all. I live in Pace Fl.

Anthony Mullen - June 24, 2012

Hello, my name is Tony. I too would enjoy sharing my beliefs about the salvation of all.

Mike Webb - November 10, 2012

Where do you live. My wife and I live in The Villages, FL or Lady Lake. God Bless

Mike Webb - February 11, 2013

Tony where in Florida do you live? Call if you like 352-406-2303 We live in The Villages, Fl

okieshowedem613 - January 19, 2017

Gordon I’m in Mobile Al. care to try and get togrther? If so drop me a line. okieshowedem@gmail.com

Chuck Hagg - April 20, 2019

Gordon,I live a few miles northwest on Milton, FL. I too am finding it to be a lonely place to not believe in eternal torment. We’ll have to get together.

5. Mary Charapko - December 4, 2012

Long time (1972) believer/teacher in Universal Reconciliation. I live/travel in the state of Florida. Anyone wanting to talk/meet at some point please contact me. Feel free to call or text: 954.547.9014.

Deborah Tingley - February 9, 2013

Mary, if you come over to the North Port/Sarasota area e-mail me. We would love to get together with you! deborahtingley@rocketmail.com

Jennifer - March 4, 2014

Deborah, I live in Sarasota. Are you in North Port?

Larry Edwards - April 25, 2019

If you are in Lakeland text me

Walt Childs - November 12, 2021

Hi, Larry, I live in Bartow and would enjoy meeting you to discuss this important doctrine.

6. Deborah Tingley - February 9, 2013

My name is Deborah Tingley and my family and I would love to get together with others that believe in universal reconciliation. We live in North Port, FL and my e-mail is deborahtingley@rocketmail.com

Mike Webb - February 11, 2013

My wife and I live in the Villages, Fl would be able to travel say to Orlando to fellowship if you can. Feel free to call us at 352-406-2303 my email is webbsongs@bellsouth.net

7. Bob Wigden - April 1, 2013

I live in Sarasota, near the airport. I’d be happy to fellowship with others of like faith. My email is galan112@hotmail.com. Cell is 607-592-6405.

Jennifer - March 5, 2014

Hi Bob, I also live in Sarasota. I see there’s someone in North Port in addition. Are you still living here?

8. Mike Webb - April 2, 2013

We live in Central Florida and could travel to Orlando. we are hoping to maybe get a monthly meeting started in the Orlando area with all Florida believers.

Bob Wigden - April 2, 2013

That’s possible….about 3 hours from me. I could probably do it every other month or so.

9. Deborah Tingley - April 6, 2013

Bob, my husband and I live in North Port, Sarasota County. We would love to get together with you. I’ll contact you through your e-mail. Have a great day everyone!

Bob Wigden - April 22, 2013

HI Deborah….don’t forget me! 🙂

10. Ken Eckerty - April 20, 2013

Hi, I live in the Panhandle of Florida and have been a believer in UR for about 13 years now. Check out my site, Savior-of-all.com

Bob Wigden - April 22, 2013

Ken, Thanks for your web site. The essays I’m reading are great so far!

Ray - August 5, 2015

Hi Ken, my name is Ray Owings and I am living on a sailboat at St. Marks Fl. I would really enjoy having some fellowship or study opportunities or correspondence. My Phone # 816-377-2202

11. Mike Webb - April 22, 2013

Mike Webb here, in The Villages ,FL central state. I’m close friends with pastor Rick Farwell from Wagener SC since 1983 having been graced to believe in UR since 1976 There is a desire to try and have maybe monthly visits here in Florida. Let me know your thoughts.

Leanne - August 6, 2022

tampa bay area! email me if you ever feel alone in this journey and want to chat:

12. Ken Eckerty - May 1, 2013

Hey Mike, we live near P’Cola. We’re always up to meeting believers in U.R. Just depends on where and our availability.

13. Ken Eckerty - May 1, 2013

Thanks, Bob!

14. Mike - May 2, 2013

Ken, we are in the process of trying a meeting of believers maybe twice a month in a somewhat central location. Looks like there are believers scattered all over the state of Florida.

Ken Eckerty - May 2, 2013

Mike, Wonderful! Keep us abreast.

15. Rita Masters - August 18, 2013

Please notify me of any fellowship meetings near the Villages. I live in Tavares, ph. 352-343-3798, email ri.mast@hotmail.com. Thank you.

16. Mike Webb - January 8, 2014

Greetings in Christ Jesus! I believe its time we starting thinking about a meeting maybe in Orlando as this may be the closest center of where most believers in Florida live? However I’m open to any ideas and help in trying to get us started. My email is: webbsongs@bellsouth.net and phone is: 352-406-2303 Please call or write to discuss. My wife and I are planning a trip to Sarasota soon and would like to meet other believers near there. Please contact back if you can meet. My God bless our endeavors
. Mike

Jennifer - March 4, 2014

Greetings Mike, I live in Sarasota. Have you already traveled here or are you still planning a trip?

Mike - March 4, 2014

Hi Miss Jennifer, no we have not made the trip yet. Not sure when. But we would like to get believers in and around Central FL and your way over to Orlando maybe for a weekend fellowship?

Jennifer - March 5, 2014

Mike, how about a Sunday? Something to pray about. It’s a couple hours drive so I could drive there in the morning getting an early start and then drive home at night. Thanks for your response and I see there’s another person in Sarasota as well as North Port so this area would be another convenient place to meet.

Mike - March 5, 2014

Miss Jennifer we are planning to meet maybe every other Sunday around 10:30 in Tavares, FL which would be a little closer to you than The Villages. we would be meeting with a few other believers during this time. I will keep you posted on our first Sunday meeting. Bring any one else who would like to fellowship and study. what do you think?

Jennifer - March 5, 2014

It’s a 2 hr 45 min drive, so may drive up once in awhile as He leads. Thank you for the information and keep me posted.

mike - March 20, 2014

Jennifer please send emails to webbsongs@bellsouth.net

17. Tom - February 16, 2014

I’m posting this on the Florida page because that’s where I am now, but I think that’s kind of irrelevant because I’m really only able to get together with folks online these days. I was just watching a Martin Zender vid on YouTube, and I heard about this site. I haven’t been to a church for many years because I don’t believe church doctrine. I also haven’t gotten together with any believers of universal reconciliation because I’m busy helping my handicapped sister and 89 year old dad who has dementia. I tried a few Christian chat sites online, but I lost interest due to the diversity of belief that I didn’t think always conformed to scripture. I guess that’s the problem with forums. I study the Concordant Version, and I agree with the teachings on the Concordant site. I was thinking it would be good to get a community together on Google+ which could be used for fellowship with like minded believers, and Hangouts could be used for group vidchat whenever possible. I just searched, and I found no such community. I’m surprised that nobody has done this yet. It just seems to me that it’s easier to get together online these days. I don’t really have the time to moderate a community, but I think having one would help folks who feel like outsiders because they value the truth more than socializing with false doctrine. I’ve had my share of disappointing discussions with atheists and church folks on Google+, and that’s one of the reasons I thought maybe a community for those who believe in universal reconciliation would be a good idea. So I just set one up to see what will happen.

“through Him to reconcile all to Him (making peace through the blood of His cross), through Him, whether those on the earth or those in the heavens” (Colossians 1:20)

Tom - March 4, 2014

I’m sorry folks. I closed that Google account.

18. Deborah - March 5, 2014

Jennifer, please message me to my email Deborah.tingley@yahoo.com

19. frank delmonaco - July 27, 2014

hi to all frank delmonaco here in fl fort myers

frank delmonaco - July 27, 2014
mike webb - July 27, 2014

Hi Frank from Mike and Cissy Webb The Villages Fl.

20. David - February 12, 2015

Hello, my name is David. I wrote a reply last night, but was not sure if it went through, due to poor Wi-Fi. I am 28 as of now, and I was introduced to Universal Reconciliation back in 2009, by a good man, who passed away with in that same year. There was a small group of us, and right after his passing, the group scattered. I have been trying to get in contact with anyone of them, but had no success. I know of no christian in my area, who believes in Universal Reconciliation. So finding anyone, the very least, one person to talk to, would be a blessing. My email is: zayinman@yahoo.com

21. David - February 12, 2015

I forgot to mention, I live in Pinellas county, Florida. In the Clearwater/Largo area.

Don - May 6, 2015

HI David,
I live in Largo, Christian for over 30 years and right division for about 15, but only in universal recon a matter of weeks. We haven’t attended any church in many years due to so many bad teachings.
You can reach me at doncharron@gmail.com if you want to talk or get lunch or something.

22. Mike - February 18, 2015

My name is Mike Webb my wife and I live in Summerfield FL central. we have a bible study Fridays at 6:30pm. I know this is a drive for you perhaps 2 hours? We are planning to try and get everyone in and around the state of Florida to maybe meet a weekend, say in Orlando. If there is anything I can do to help encourage you or if you have questions please respond. I have included a link to a fantastic website.
http://thedifferentiator.net maybe we can meet in Orlando or you we can make plans for you to visit us and have accommodations for you to stay through the weekend.

In Christ,

23. David - March 1, 2015

Its good to hear from you Mike. I would really like to come sometime. At present though, I am with out transportation. I am hoping to get that taken care of soon. Until then you are welcome, to talk to me, I would really like that. Again, my email is zayinman@yahoo.com. Feel to write me anytime, and perhaps we can make arrangements sometime to meet up sometime. Thank you again, and God bless. In Christ, David

24. Joshua Davis Fruitland Park, FL - March 15, 2015

Looking for others to fellowship with, maybe one of us should start a Facebook group. Maybe I will start working on that.

Rita Masters - September 16, 2015

Please contact me to inform me of Bible study gatherings or fellowship at 352-223-0099 phone or text. I live in Tavares

25. Don Charron - October 13, 2015

My name is Don (50) and my wife and I are looking for some like minded believers in the Pinellas county area (St Pete/ Clearwater). I live in Largo and have been a “non- conforming” Christian for over 30 years but only earlier this year have been shown the greater hope. I would like to get together occasionally and discuss things of the Lord with others if there are any in the area. I can be reached at word828@gmail.com.

26. dolores333 - October 18, 2015

I would love to connect with other like-minded believers near Titusville My email address is dwoodrum3@bellsouth.net. Blessings on all!

27. Orville Hunt - January 11, 2016

Orville Hunt, Palm Bay We want to find and enjoy fellowship in the company with others who wish to understand God’s great purpose in the reconciliation of His creation to Himself.

28. Mike Webb - January 12, 2016

Hi Brother Hunt. we have a weekly Friday night study in Fruitland Park Fl.

29. Florence Fiandach - June 19, 2016

Hello my fiancé and I just bought a vacation home in Wesley Chapel and was hoping to find fellow believers in this area. Please let me know. The rest of the year we are in Rochester ny and would love to have fellowship there as well. Isn’t it wonderful to be free at last?! Yup that’s what the Truth does!

Susanne - March 5, 2017

Hello. We have a local assembly in Dade City, FL that you would be more than welcome to visit. Our pastor is Willard Sessoms. We are a grace assembly that studies the Word according to 2Tim 2:15. All are welcome. We meet Sunday mornings at the Dade City Business Center, 15134 Citrus Country Drive, Dade City, FL 33525. Dade City Grace Church.
Feel free to visit if you are interested. It is wonderful to know true freedom in Christ !

30. Bill Cook - October 12, 2016

Live on a sailboat. Summerland key. Fl phone 7865647022

31. Lorrie - January 23, 2017

Hi, My family and I live in southeastern VA and are looking to study and fellowship with others who understand Christ as Savior of All. We also study the Word by desiring to rightly divide. Please reach out to: inthewordoftruth@cox.net if you are interested.

32. Florence and Chuck - January 23, 2017

We will be in Wesley Chapel from Feb to June. Looking for other SOA believers for fellowship.

Mike Webb - February 8, 2017

Greetings in Christ Jesus! My wife Cissy and I may be traveling down to your area soon from the Ocala Fl. area. If you would like to stay in touch with me my phone is 352-304-9704 email is: lifeeonian@gmail.com God bless.

Florence Fiandach - February 15, 2017

So sorry haven’t got back to you. We are still fixing up the house we bought here in Wesley Chapel and we are busy like crazy! Is there a fellowship anywhere around here?

Sent from my iPhone Florence Fiandach


33. Florence and Chuck - March 5, 2017

Wonderful! We’re away right now but when we get back we’ll have to visit you! Thank you!!

34. Matt Like - June 16, 2017

I’m in Ocala FL and always looking for brothers and sisters in the Ecclesia who hold to the truth of the scriptures and not the traditions of men. If anyone sees this, feel free to connect with me on Facebook or email

Mike Webb - June 16, 2017

Hi Matt, Mike Webb here. I live in Summerfield and work in Ocala. Would like to meet you and fellowship. We use to have a bible study a year ago but stopped however we are talking about getting together again. My cell is 352-304-9704

A Michael - July 12, 2021

Hi Matt hope all is well. Mike Webb

35. diane - February 5, 2019

Looking for friends who want to be free to love God better than anybody or any thing. Iron sharpens iron.

Mary E Charapko - February 6, 2019

Long time (1972) believer/teacher in Universal Reconciliation. I live/travel in the state of Florida. Anyone wanting to talk/meet at some point please contact me. Feel free to call or text: 954.547.9014

36. Larry Edwards - April 25, 2019

I live in Lakeland Florida and I’m looking for others who believe in the salvation of all that live in this area to fellowship with

Mary Charapko - April 25, 2019

You have my phone # Larry. Please text me. Mary

A Michael - July 12, 2021

Hi Mary from Mike Webb in Summerfield Fl.

37. Larry Edwards - June 9, 2019

I’m looking to meet other believers that God is the Savior of all mankind. I live in Lakeland Florida.

38. Johnny Greene - April 10, 2021

I’m new to the Ocala area. It would be awesome to get in touch with others in the area who are my brothers and sisters.
I hope all are well!

A Michael - July 12, 2021

Johnny I work in Ocala and would like to fellowship in Christ. Please respond if you are interested.

Mike Webb - August 30, 2022

Johnny-Still interested in fellowshipping? I work in Ocala. 352-661-8017 if you care to call. thank you brother.
In Christ,

Mike Webb - August 30, 2022

Johnny-are you still in Ocala? I work in Ocala can meet to fellowship if you like. Email me at: lifeeonian@gmail.com-In Christ

39. beachbound904 - June 3, 2022

Hi everyone, I would love to connect to fellow believers in this amazing good news that we will not be forever burning in eternal fire. I now live in North Port.

A Michael - August 30, 2022

Hi I’m Michael in north central Florida. Greetings in Christ Jesus. Love to chat. Have been rejoicing in the wonderful message of Universal Reconciliation for years. In His Service.

40. Leanne - June 29, 2022

I would love to talk/ meet with others that believe in the salvation of all. It’s a lonely road, but I’m so glad to be apart of it :).

A Michael - August 30, 2022

Lets Talk! Praise the wonderful reconciling work of our Great God and Saviour Jesus Christ! 352-661-8017 You are notalone. In Christ,

waltchilds7 - August 30, 2022

I would also enjoy meeting others that believe in the reconciling work of the Lord. 863-640-7501. Walt

A Michael - August 31, 2022

Hi Walt, if it’s OK with you I’ll try and give you a call tomorrow during the day. God bless Mike Webb 352-661-8017

waltchilds7 - September 2, 2022

Sounds good. Looking forward to talking.

41. Jimmy - September 28, 2022

Jimmy again; I got the years mixed up ! I live in Jax Fla. (Woodyou73me@gmail.com) so I live with my two pet bulldogs. Believer since August of 2022.

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