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1. Neal Johnson - November 12, 2013

I live in Litchfield, Maine and came to believe in the Ultimate Reconciliation of all people through Jesus Christ in early 2013. I have been reading everything I can on this and would love to fellowship with others who believe or are searching.

Deana & Jarett - November 7, 2014

Hello Neal,
My husband and I will be in the Portland area on vacation for a week starting Dec 6, 2014. We have been studying for about 6 months everything we can get our hands on. Just thought since there is no one in our area I would start checking for people that live where we travel to. Let me know if you want to get together in the Portland area. I know Dec sounds crazy to go to Maine but we love it. This is about or 8th or 9th yr.

2. John Young - February 17, 2015

Hi Neil – my name is John young – I am from Nova Scotia Canada – would like to know if there is anyone in my area – Maine include as it is so near at hand of like beliefs.

3. Neal Johnson - February 17, 2015

Sorry, I don’t know of anyone in Nova Scotia. If you’re traveling through Maine sometime, feel free to stop by the church or give me a call.

John Young - April 8, 2015

Hi Neal – thanks for your response. More details my e-mail is, youngdj@ns.sympatico.ca – it would be great to have a chat about some of these interesting subjects. Hard to find anyone close. Maine is so much like Nova Scotia. Hope to hear from you.

4. Neal Johnson - April 9, 2015

John, are you on Facebook? There are some groups there that discuss Universal salvation, you are also welcome to send a friend request to me. I have a book I can send you too called Hope Beyond
Hell by Gerry Beauchimen.

John - April 9, 2015

Hi Neal, Thanks for the reply. No I am not on Facebook any more – I found so many people with such a wide and lose view of the issues and such a lack of privacy that I cancelled my account. I could use Skype or the phone – or even e-mail. For me it is much better to talk – especially initially just to find out if what we believe is roughly similar. My phone number here is 902- 685-2253. I can call you to save the charges – I have a phone deal with the US – if you prefer. Hope to hear from you thanks again, John

Neal Johnson - April 14, 2015

John, I would fit pretty much in the orthodox faith, Nicene and Apostles’ creeds. I grew up Methodist and became an extremely legalistic Baptist for a few decades until God began to deal with concerning grace around 04. I came to believe in universalism in 2012. Today I would describe myself as non-denominational, believing in the New Covenant of Grace, with all being saved in God’s timing and falling in love with God because of Jesus Christ.

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