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1. Don Bast - February 11, 2013

My name is Don Bast. I live in Northern Ontario on Lake Nepewassi close to the small town of St. Charles with my wife Marja. There a few other believers here on the lake of like faith. Although, we do not have regular scheduled studies we do get together periodically for fellowship.

2. monique beauchesne - March 10, 2013

my name is monique Beauchesne, my husband Bruce walker. we live in Belleterre, quebec.My daughter live in Elliot Lake, we can stop by when we go see our daugther. monique

Don Bast - March 12, 2013

Hi Monique,
Thanks for the note. Please give me a day or two notice when you are going by. We are only 15 minutes off the Trans-Canada Hwy 17 between North Bay and Sudbury. It would be good to meet you.

monique beauchesne - March 26, 2013

Hello Don, It wont be before june probably, but it will be nice, to see you and your wife. I trust God will arrange that, bye Monique

dan - September 15, 2014

hello my name daniel mr i am interested in concordant

study home group toronto gta

thank you

Maria - October 15, 2015

Hi Dan,

Have you already found a meeting place?


Frank Nagy - January 23, 2016

Hi Dan! I live in the GTA I reading the Concordant Bible. I am going to church. I am glad to fined your post. Would be nice to see you.

3. Marlowe Matson - March 14, 2013

My name is Marlowe Matson and i’m glad to see that we in Canada and Australia now can participate. I had made contact in the Minn. site as that is where i came from. I’m now in Black diamond Ab. which is just out of Calgary Alberta.

Don Bast - March 26, 2013

Good to hear from you. I have a brother in Calgary.

Ashley - November 16, 2016

HI Don, I hope you are still using this website. We are moving to Calgary area and hoping to connect with like minded believers. Blessings!

4. Don Bast - March 26, 2013

Looking forward to meeting you.

5. Travis Penner - June 14, 2013

I’m in Calgary, Alberta. If there are any believers in the area, drop me a line! 🙂

marlowe matson - July 1, 2013

Travis; I just now saw your post. I’d love to get together w/you. I live in Black diamond and we are going to Minn. for a cousins reunion on the 9th of July and back on or about the 23rd.

Karen - April 19, 2022

Hi I’m in Calgary Hope can connect karencowgirl@yahoo.ca Love conversation on this view! So give me an email please

Ken Trout - January 17, 2015

Hi Travis,

My name is Ken and I’m just north of Calgary. Do you know of any folks near Calgary connected by Zender’s ministry? If so maybe you could pass my name along so they can contact me if they would like.
Thanks, Ken Trout Didsbury AB

Miss K - March 16, 2022

Hey lm in Calgary know of others? So we can get together?

Miss K - March 16, 2022

Hi Travis I live in Calgary n speak on a lot of what Zender does.

Karen - April 19, 2022

Hi I’m in Calgary Hope can connect karencowgirl@yahoo.ca Love conversation on this view! So give me an email please

6. Travis - July 17, 2013

Sorry Bro, we got back from Vacation on the 4th and shortly after I got SO sick. We’re in the middle of trying to get our house up for sale and things are crazy. If you’re in Calgary or near abouts we can definitely meet up!!

7. Travis Penner - January 10, 2014

I am now living in Vancouver area for anyone who wants to meet up!

Don Bast - January 11, 2014

Hi Travis,
Penner sounds like a good Mennonite name, which is my background. My wife and I lived in Chilliwack for several years before moving back to Ontario in 2008. While we were there I connected several times with Keith Pincott an elderly brother on Pender Island. We got together on occasion and became quite close. I am sure he would love to hear from you although he is caring for his wife who is ill and probably won’t venture off the island. He may welcome a visitor, though. It is a very lovely ferry ride. His phone # is 250-629-6797.
Love, Don

Max - October 9, 2015

I am in Surrey, B.C. and would like for my wife and I to meet like-minded believers………

silvercloak50 - October 9, 2015

I too am in the Surrey area in south Surrey near Langely. Drop me a line if you want to meet up sometime.

8. Travis Penner - January 11, 2014

LOL It definitely is a mennonite name, although I don’t and never have, followed mennonite teachings. 😀 Great, I’ll try and give him a call. We’re still figuring our way around here though. I live in Surrey and work in PoCo.

9. Beth McElwain-Pressey - February 15, 2014

HI, I am Beth from Windsor, Ontario. Just wondering if there are any like-minded believers in my area. Thanks Martin for mentioning this site today on your podcast!

10. Don Bast - February 18, 2014

Don here from the Sudbury area. There is a small group that meets in Kitchener once a month from April to November and another one in Almont Michigan about an hour and a bit from the border. I don’t know of any closer.

11. Beth McElwain-Pressey - February 18, 2014

Thanks for letting me know, Don. Keep me posted!

12. John Young - March 21, 2015

My name is John Young and I live in the Bridgewater area of Nova Scotia on the south shore. It would be great to correspond with someone about Martin’s ideas such as “freewill will” etc. These topics are not popular in the mainstream – and it is hard to find people to discuss these issues with. So if there is anyone out there – near or far that would want to chat, let me know. E-mail youngdj@ns.sympatico.ca

Maria - April 22, 2015

Hi John, I wrote to you email address so we can talk about this things. I am so looking forward to being in touch with someone who believes Paul.

My hope is to meet many others, It has already been 2 years and It would be great to meet up with others who have the same expectation as me.

Have a great day talk to you later,


13. Maria - April 22, 2015

My name is Maria and live in Toronto. I was able to learn who I was one time I came across a video “The stupidity that leads to depravity” it was so true and I felt I had finally found a son of God. Since then I have followed Martin, heard his videos and read the newsletter of Sundays but unfortunately I have not met anyone that belongs to the Body of Christ. If anyone wants to meet me please drop me a line.

Judy Coleman - June 8, 2015

Hi Maria
Just read this and wanted to let you know that I live in Ottawa. My name is Judy and I have been a believer in the salvation of all since 1990. If you would like to correspond please email me at

Maria - October 15, 2015

Hi Judy,

I am reading your email today. Please accept my apology for the delay and I would very happy to correspond with you.

I will be getting in touch with you thru your email address.


14. Maria - October 15, 2015

Hi my name is Maria,

I am part of the community of the Body of Christ in the world. However, I am alone here in Toronto. For years I have been surrounded by people of all creeds specially Christians. However the time has come that Father has severed all those relationships for which I am so thankful, it is hard to hear even their everyday expressions. I hope to meet many of you before we are snatched away. Martin is a great teacher who I am in such a great debt because of how my life has improved since the day I heard him for the first time in a video called “The stupidity that leads to depravity” then I knew I was not alone in this world, that I had found a true believer.



mailletdominator - November 18, 2015

Hi Maria,

I’m John in Toronto. I eventually came to my realization about a year ago after quite a journey. I posted a short blog a few months ago as a tool to present the message to anyone questioning why I no longer frequent any church…whatmybiblesays.wordpress.com.

you can email me at maillet_dominator@yahoo.ca

15. Ashley - December 25, 2015

Hi Everyone! New follower here from Edmonton, Alberta. If anyone is in the area or if anyone is open to being email buddies. I am really wanting to learn more about his ideas and how they fit scritpture. Blessings! Ashley

Judy Coleman - December 26, 2015

Hi Ashley
My name is Judy and I live in Ottawa and iit would would be nice to correspond by email. There are many of us out here who love to share the evangel of Paul.
My email is jatcol@gmail.com

16. Maria Soteldo - December 26, 2015

Hi Ashley,

My name is Maria, i live in Toronto i will very happy to be your friend. I Hope to hear from you soon.


Ashley - November 16, 2016

HI Maria, I totally missed this a year ago lol. I would love to connect, feel free to email lockep@live.ca

17. George with a G, as in George - April 6, 2016

Hi, I live in Ottawa ON. […]

Georgy Porgy - April 22, 2016

thanks Ashley, i just noticed i posted 2 comments cause i didnt think the 1st went through due to technical issues on my part. lol one of my favorites >>> 1 Cor.15:22 “for even as in Adam all die, so also in the Christ all shall be made alive” XD

18. Dino - August 3, 2016

Hello everyone in Toronto! I live in the East end of the city. I would like to meet with any of you.


Carolee van Dyk. - December 11, 2017

Hello Dino
I live in the northwest end of Toronto. Just found these posts.
if you are still interested send me a reply. I have been rejoicing in the salvation of all for about 10 years now.

19. Suzie Scott - October 20, 2016

Looking for fellowship with the ” body of Christ.” […]

silvercloak50 - October 21, 2016

Where you at? I’m in Vancouver.

Ashley - October 21, 2016

I’m in Nova Scotia but may be moving to Alberta.

20. Gary Reid - April 20, 2018

I live in Stouffville Ontario. I first came in contact with the Concordant Publishing Concern in 1974. I believe in Universal Reconciliation whereas certain other views of A E Knoch have changed over the years. I remember Martin Zender when he first started out MANY years ago.

Carolee van Dyk - April 21, 2018

Hello Gary
I live in Woodbridge. Would you be interested in connecting and maybe having some fellowship? Sounds like you have been aware of this proper perspective for a long time.

Gary Reid - April 21, 2018

Sure thing Carolee. Yes I have — since about 1975. So I am an old guy. Have lots of ideas about things….. but this is one TRUISM I have kept all these years. Let me know when you are available.

Maria - April 22, 2018

Hi my name is Maria i live in Ajax ont i also beleive in the salvation of all and i am a regular subscriner of Martin’s emails and newsletter. If you ever want to fellowship my email address is bella777@rogers.com


Gary Reid - April 22, 2018

Hi Maria

Its great to hear from people like yourself who have found “comfort” in the reconciliation of ALL. I had a message from another lady like yourself who lives in Woodbridge. Maybe the three of us could get together. When do you have time available? I am “retired” so do have some daytime available — but you probably don’t.

Frank - April 22, 2018

Dear Maria!

Thank you, the email, and your email addresses. We are not to far from Ajax. We are living in North York. We would love to have fellowship. But the nearest time when we can do it, end of May or early Jun. I am getting retired. When we are getting close to end of May I will send an email again.
May God bless you.
Frank and Judy

Maria - April 23, 2018

Let’s hope we can meet soon!

Frank Nagy - April 24, 2018

Hi Maria, Gary, Carolee.

We can plan for the first or second weekend of June to meet. I am live in a apartment, and the visitor parking often is a problem. Because not enough parking place. When we getting close to June. We discuss date and time and place.

Maria - April 24, 2018

Ok that’s perfect

Frank Nagy - April 22, 2018

Hello Gary! Nice to read your post especially that we are close. Would be nice to see you and those who living in this neighborhood.

Gary Reid - April 22, 2018

Where do you live Frank? In or around Stouffville I presume!

Frank Nagy - April 22, 2018

I am living in North York. Near 401 and 404 area

Maria - April 23, 2018

Hi Frank, Gary, Carolee

I am moving on the the last weekend of May. I still haven’t found anything but I know God will get me something I like. He always takes care of me. What about the first weekend of June?

Let me know


Carolee van Dyk - May 30, 2018

Hi Maria

I’m glad to hear you found a new home. Hope your move goes well. I know it can be a pain. The 2nd weekend in June is good for me. I work every other weekend and am off the 2nd weekend in June. Having cataract surgery June 7.
Also, hi Frank, Gary and Dino. How does the 2nd weekend in June sound to you? June 9 would be best I guess.

Frank Nagy - May 30, 2018

Hi Carolee!

Second weekend is good for me to. The 9th of June. What time we should pick, and where? In my neighborhood is 2 mall, Fair-view Mall and Bayview Village Shopping Center. The food court is big at Fair view Mall. I often going to Bayview Village for a coffee with friends in the morning, but when the stores open, getting difficult to find place.
Fair view Mall is more promising. What do you think about it?
I will look around for restaurant.

Frank Nagy

Carolee van Dyk - June 1, 2018

Hi Frank
Windfield’s sounds nice. For me, I would like to meet around 5 or 6 for dinner. What does everyone else think?

Maria - June 1, 2018

I drink beer

Carolee van Dyk - June 2, 2018

Hi Maria

Did you think I said, “what does everyone else drink?” I actually said “think”. Just chuckled at your reply re drinking beer.

Maria - June 3, 2018

Oops lol

Maria - May 31, 2018

Wow how long will you have to rest after the operation? Whatever you need please dont hesitate to let me know if i can help i will.
My phone number is 6484036518


21. Frank Nagy - April 22, 2018

Hello Carolee!

Nice to read your post especially that, we’re five of us who are here near GTA. Would be nice to see you and those who living in this neighborhood. And have fellowship.

Carolee van Dyk - April 23, 2018

Hi Frank, Gary and Maria,
How about that! 5 of us in the GTA! It would be nice to be able to connect. Maybe since you, Frank, are kind of central to Woodbridge, Stouffville and Ajax{Maria is in Ajax} we could arrange a get together in your vicinity. What does everyone think?
I am semi-retired and work every other week.

Maria - April 23, 2018

Please count me in I am up for that. Weekends are my time. Fellowship! yayyyyyy

Frank Nagy - April 24, 2018

Hi Maria, Gary, Carolee.
We can plan for the first or second weekend of June to meet. I am live in a apartment, and the visitor parking often is a problem. Because not enough parking place. When we getting close to June. We discuss date and time and place.

Carolee van Dyk - April 24, 2018

Hi Frank,
That sounds like a plan. We can talk about it in May i guess. Maybe a restaurant might be an idea for a location and we all could have dinner together.

22. Maria - April 24, 2018

Hi Dino,

I live in the east end of Toronto, we have also others of the Body of Christ who live close to us. I will be happy to communicate with you. This is a very lonely road and anything we can do to fellowship with those who are in this road like us is very important for us.

Happy to meet you


23. Frank Nagy - May 28, 2018

Hello Maria, Carolee, Gary and Dino!

I hope everyone doing well. June is at the door. And we designed to meet. When should we meet? And Where?

Maria - May 29, 2018

Hi Frank,
Nice to hear from you. I finally got a place and will be moving on the weekend of June 2. The weekend after that i will be very happy to get together with you guys. Please let me know when and where soon to plan accordingly.


Carolee van Dyk - May 30, 2018

Hi Frank
i just answered Maria’s May 29 post but in case you missed it I am posting here too. How does June 9 sound? Any appropriate restaurants in your area we could meet at?

24. Frank Nagy - May 31, 2018

This is the list of restaurants in my area.
What Time should we meet?
And which one?

Swiss Chalet
801 York Mills Rd, North York, ON M3B 1X7
Phone:(416) 449-9194
Open now: 11:30a.m.–10p.m.
Menu swisschalet.com

Windfield’s Restaurant
Down-to-earth diner-style joint with a long menu of globally inspired dishes.
801 York Mills Rd, North York, ON M3B 1X7
(416) 445-1630
Open now: 6:30a.m.–10:30p.m.
Menu windfieldsrestaurant.com

808 York Mills Rd, North York, ON M3B 1X8
(416) 385-1711
Open now: Open 24 hours

Moxie’s Grill & Bar
Located in Fairview Mall
1800 Sheppard Ave E #2044, North York, ON M2J 5A7
(647) 426-6677
Open now: 11a.m.–12a.m

Tim Hortons
2075 Sheppard Ave E, North York, ON M2J 1W6

This is the list of restaurants in my area.
What Time should we meet?
And which one?

Frank Nagy - May 31, 2018

For the June 9th meeting.

Maria - May 31, 2018

I like them all i will leave it up to you

Frank Nagy - May 31, 2018

Wait a few days for others to think and afterwards decide.

25. Carolee van Dyk - June 1, 2018

Hi Frank
Windfield’s sounds nice. For me, for me I would like to meet around 5 or 6 for dinner. What does everyone else think?

Frank Nagy - June 1, 2018

5 or 6 is good for me.

Maria - June 1, 2018

For me too

Gary Reid - June 1, 2018

Just wanted to let you know that I am alive even though I haven’t responded. I cannot get together with all of you as I mentioned I have an Alzheimer’s wife and could not leave her at the time suggested. However you probably wouldn’t want me anyway — I have deeply believed in Universal Reconciliation for 40 years but certain other beliefs that Martin holds, I do not believe. Specifically an ever-burning hell for “non-believers” and an imminent [for the last 2000 years] 2nd return of Jesus. To me now, after slogging through doctrines for so many years — I believe that Christ’s commands to “love each other as we would be loved” are the fundamental underpinning of so-called “Christianity

Maria - June 1, 2018

Sorry to hear. Did you say that you beleive in hell?

Gary Reid - June 1, 2018

No I certainly do not believe in an ever-burning hell as does Martin apparently!

Maria - June 2, 2018

No, i know for a fact that he does not believe in hell or any kind of punishment. A believer should use the Concordant Publishing Concern for further information. A good thing is that all will be conciliated to God even if right now we dont have the faith because faith comes from God only.

Frank Nagy - June 1, 2018

Dear Gary! Sorry to hear. My email: ferencjudynagy@gmail.com Could you send me a phone numbers. For me easier on the phone. Thank you.

Carolee van Dyk - June 2, 2018

Hi Gary

I was very surprised to read that you think Martin believes in eternal torment in hell. Nothing could be further from the truth. His whole message is related to exposing, rebuking and then entreating re the false doctrine of eternal torment and salvation by individual will power{free will}. How much of his writing have you looked at? If you read his book “The First Idiot in Heaven” you will see how he shows biblical truth in an amazing, easily understood manner and shows how the two gospels of the Circumcision and the Uncirumcision show God’s amazing plan for the human race and all of creation for that matter. I would encourage you very much to take another look at what he is saying. He is an excellent writer and makes scripture stop so-called “contradicting” itself as we see happening in orthodox teaching.

Gary, is there another time or place that would work for you to be able to get together. I appreciate your challenges in caring for your wife. I have been a VON visiting nurse in the community since 1981 and understand what it is like for you. I am also caring for my 94 year old mom with whom I live although she is still doing well for the most part.

Sure hope we can make this work so we can meet with you too.


Gary Reid - June 2, 2018

I was mistaken regarding my comment on “hell”. I was dealing with another person on the subject and inadvertently attributed it to Jeff aka Martin. I did talk to Frank this morning and we are getting together next week. I have Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday from about 10 to 3 available. My wife has Alzheimer classes at those times. The rest of the week I am pretty well tied down.

Maria - June 1, 2018


26. Frank Nagy - June 2, 2018

I watching Mark and the rest. I hope they will come closer to Canadian border to able to see them. More then a year I listening and reading
L. Ray Smith website, and you tube videos. This is the website. https://bible-truths.com/ On his website and you tube a lots of good stuff. In the beginning my wife do not like his voice and style. Now she like it to. Very good stuff. But he died in 2012.

Maria - June 2, 2018

Hi frank thank you for the link

Frank Nagy - June 2, 2018

Let me know how you like it.

Maria - June 2, 2018

Hi Frank,

To tell you the truth i was not able to identify hos belief. Too many words too complex. To me the truth is simple. Easy to see and understand.

Frank Nagy - June 2, 2018

His background: If I remember well Hi was a Methodist, and Worldwide Church of God, Herbert W. Armstrong, and criticized him. He mentions Ernest L. Martin to.

Carolee van Dyk - June 3, 2018

Hi Frank
Who is “Mark and the rest”? Just wondering to whom you are referring as you obviously find them interesting and i’m curious.

Also, to Maria and Frank, as Gary sadly can’t make it, for June 9, shall we meet at Windfield’s at 5;30 pm? Should we make a reservation under one of our names so we can find each other there?

27. Carolee van Dyk - June 2, 2018

Hi Frank and Maria,

Before I discovered Universal Reconciliation and people like Martin Zender l was reading a lot on Ray’s website too. Huge amount of material and l did not understand it all but found it intriguing. Martin makes a lot more sense for me. Sometimes it is hard to distill all this information to something one can hang one’s hat on and use to get through the daily challenges of living in this busted up world. That is why l find Martin so refreshing and helpful as he tells it like it is and struggles with depression and weariness like many of us as well but has helpful perspectives on how to cope with the daily grind.
I just left a reply to Gary as well. Would be nice to figure out a way for him to be able to join us as well so l hope to hear if he has any alternatives that would allow him to join in.

Gary Reid - June 2, 2018

We are doing Wednesday 1030 at my place. Don’t know how that fits with your schedule??

Carolee van Dyk - June 3, 2018

Hi Gary
That’s too bad. I am working Wednesday. Well, maybe another week. I will keep your availability in mind and try to set up another day. I have a close friend who lives with me and my mom and she would like to meet you too as she is of the same belief as us. I am sure you would appreciate a little change in your busy days.

28. Carolee van Dyk - June 2, 2018

Hi Gary

Glad to hear that you were not referring to Martin re the hell belief. Really had me puzzled.
Do you have a time and place set up with Frank yet? I could be available Tuesday possibly.

29. eonman49 - June 2, 2018

Hi my name is Rob Wile I live in Airdrie Alberta 🇨🇦 I am a believer in the Reconciliation Of All please feel free to contact me at+14039751420
[Admin: redacted – please use personal communications to convey links.]

Carolee van Dyk - June 3, 2018

Hello Rob

Did you happen to see the earlier posts from believers in Alberta. There seem to be several.
I only found this blog several months ago. I am in the Toronto area.
How did you find it and how did you come to this belief?


eonman49 - June 3, 2018

1997 God called me through a hit bottom type call where I did a bad batch of magic mushrooms. It would take a while to explain the circumstances leading up to that point but needless to say I am a strong believer in God’s sovereignty and the truth of the reconciliation of all. If you ever want to chat call me at+14039751420 Grace to you ❤️👍🇨🇦

30. Frank Nagy - June 3, 2018

Hi Carolee and Mary!

I will make reservation for Saturday June 9th. 5pm
How many to do? And how we will fine each other?

Windfield’s Restaurant
Down-to-earth diner-style joint with a long menu of globally inspired dishes.
801 York Mills Rd, North York, ON M3B 1X7
(416) 445-1630
Open now: 6:30a.m.–10:30p.m.
Menu windfieldsrestaurant.com


Maria - June 4, 2018

I will be wearing blue jeans and a brown shirt i am tall and large but not too fat lol.

Carolee van Dyk - June 5, 2018

Hi Maria
Patti said to tell she will be wearing clothes. I haven’t decided yet! Haha!

Maria - June 5, 2018


Carolee van Dyk - June 4, 2018

Hi Frank and Maria

Looks like there will be 4 of us as my friend Patti is coming too.
I am tall with short, blond hair and Patti is shorter with light brown short hair. Not sure what l will be wearing. Frank, if you make the reservation, we could just ask for the table under your name to find each other.
Are we all set then?

Frank Nagy - June 4, 2018

Yes. Table reservation will be under my name. 5 pm and so far 7 person.

Maria - June 5, 2018


31. Carolee van Dyk - June 5, 2018

Sounds good. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

32. Drew Costen - August 10, 2018

I just discovered, thanks to this page, that there are others in the Toronto area who might actually believe the real Gospel. Did you of you end up meeting up? If so, are you still doing so? I’m generally only free on weekends to meet up, but I’d love to meet all of you if you still are getting together.

Maria - August 10, 2018

Hi SandreS

Unfortunately i haven’t seen any one may be one of these days.


Maria - August 10, 2018

Hi Drew (sorry dont know where i got that othrr name from)

Unfortunately i haven’t seen any one may be one of these days.


Drew Costen - August 12, 2018

No problem, Maria. If people ever do decide to get together again in Toronto, just reply here and I’ll see it.

33. Frank Nagy - August 13, 2018

Hello Drew!

I am happy to read your post. One more who believing the real Gospel.
What part of Toronto are you?


Drew Costen - August 13, 2018

Hi Frank. I live right downtown, in the Yorkville area.

Frank Nagy - August 14, 2018

Hi Drew! I live near Shepard and Don Mills. If you have time this Sunday we can meet at Tim Horton’s or MC Donald’s

Drew Costen - August 15, 2018

Hi Frank. I won’t be available this Sunday. Send me an email at homechurch14@christianheretic.com (an email address I just made that I’ll delete eventually to avoid junk mail, but created so you and anyone else can get in touch with me if they want to for now until I delete it), however, and we can discuss a better time to meet.

Frank Nagy - August 15, 2018

Hi Dreww!

Thank you.


eonman49 - February 14, 2019

Hi my name is Rob Wile I live in Airdrie Alberta, I have a YouTube channel and would like to promote it more please look up The Great Unfolding Rob Wile to access it. I go extensively into the sacred scriptures using the concordant version mostly and talk about Universal Reconciliation and the sovereignty of God.please pass it on the more subscribers the better 👍🇨🇦❤️

Karen - April 19, 2022

Hi I’m in Calgary Hope can connect karencowgirl@yahoo.ca Love conversation on this view! So give me an email please

34. Carolee van Dyk - August 21, 2018

Hello Everyone and also a big hello to you, Drew! Lovely to see you found this little site and are interested in connecting with us.
l am sure we all have had a busy summer but we should plan another get together for September if possible. I am available on Sept. 15, 16 22, 29, 30. What does everyone else think?

Frank Nagy - August 22, 2018

Hello Everyone! Sept. 15. or 16, is good for us.


Maria - August 23, 2018

Great! I am in

35. Frank Nagy - August 24, 2018

Where we should get together?

Drew Costen - August 24, 2018

I’m good for September 15 or 16. My only request is that it be within walking distance of a subway station.

And Carolee, I’ll reply to your email as soon as I can. 🙂

Frank Nagy - August 24, 2018

Maria or Carolee you should choose. Last time you have a idea.

Drew I can pick u up at the nearest subway station to the picked place.

36. Frank Nagy - September 6, 2018

Hello Brothers and Sisters in the Toronto area!

The September 15 or 16 is approaching. Where we should meet? and what time?


Drew Costen - September 6, 2018

I should say, the 15th is probably out for me now (just made plans a few days ago for a birthday party for a friend), but I’m still good for the 16th (doesn’t matter what time as long as it’s not first thing in the morning or super late in the evening). Not sure about where, though, although I’d prefer somewhere on the subway line if possible.

Carolee van Dyk - September 13, 2018

Hello Frank, Maria, and Drew,
I have been away camping near Parry Sound and just getting to checking email. If we are looking for a place to meet on a subway line, how about the Pickle Barrel at Yorkdale Mall? Sunday Sept .16 is OK for me. Do we want to do lunch or dinner?

Maria - September 13, 2018

That is a good spot. What about lunch?

Drew Costen - September 13, 2018

I’m good for lunch or dinner.

37. Frank Nagy - September 14, 2018

We are good for lunch or dinner.

Maria - September 14, 2018

So i guess the choice is Caroler’s. If Carolee says lunch then lunch it is, but if she says dinner we will have to start all over again and you guys will have to make a decision also Let’ see what she says. Moments of suspense.

Carolee van Dyk - September 15, 2018

Hi Everyone,
Lunch on Sunday Sept. 16 is OK with me if also with everyone else. Drew, are you still available too on Sunday? What time? 12, 12;30 or 1 pm?

Drew Costen - September 15, 2018

Yes, lunch is still fine. The time doesn’t really matter to me, so why not say 12?

Frank Nagy - September 15, 2018

12 is good for us to.

Maria - September 15, 2018

Carolee, it is again up to you there is one 1 and two 12. Your vote will have. The weight of 2 people.

Carolee van Dyk - September 15, 2018

OK then let’s meet at 1 pm. FYI for those of you who have not been there, the Pickle Barrel is in the northwest corner of Yorkdale and has an escalator going downstairs as it is basement level.
See you all soon!

Maria - September 15, 2018

Great! See you guys tomorrow at 1

Maria - September 15, 2018

1 is ok for me

Drew Costen - September 15, 2018

1 is fine for me as well if that works better for others.

Frank Nagy - September 15, 2018

1 Is good for us to.

38. Drew Costen - September 16, 2018

Are we all meeting in the front entrance? I just realized I don’t know what any of you look like. For the record, I’ll be dressed in black (possibly with a blue bird on the shirt), and have a black bag over my shoulder. I also wear glasses (either shades or regular glasses, depending on the lighting).

Maria - September 16, 2018

Hi all,

Please don’t wait for me, i won’t be able to make it 😦

Drew Costen - September 16, 2018

That’s too bad. I hope I get to meet you another time.

Carolee van Dyk - September 16, 2018

Hi Maria
We missed you today. Too bad you couldn’t make it. We are planning another get together in November at the Pickle Barrel again. So hope that will work out. It was very nice meeting Drew. He was quite knowledgeable and it was fun talking with him. Take care.

Maria - September 17, 2018

Great! I will be happy to make it for november

Maria - September 17, 2018

Wat date?

Carolee van Dyk - September 17, 2018

We don’t know yet. When l get my schedule l can give some dates but it would likely be on the weekend.

39. Gary Reid - September 17, 2018

Greetings those in the GTA

Sorry I haven’t been able to come to any luncheons because of my personal situation!

I have a box of bound Unsearchable Riches going back many years. If anyone is interested I would be pleased to make them available. All you would need to do is come to my home in Stouffville!

Carolee van Dyk. - February 14, 2019

Yes Patti and l are still planning to come. Hope the travelling weather is decent, otherwise we may have to reschedule. It has been crazy lately, hasn’t it! I will try to contact Maria too. Hope she can come.

40. Frank - January 23, 2019

Hello Everyone.

I found this website, very good, many good videos.

Maria - January 23, 2019

Thank you for sharing!



41. Maria - January 23, 2019

…to deceive even the chosen if that was possible!

Frank - January 23, 2019

Good presentation on Universal Reconciliation. The website called Universal Salvation
We watched many youtube videos.

42. Carolee van Dyk. - January 24, 2019

Hi Maria, Frank, Drew, and Gary,
How are you all? Do you want to get together again one of these days? I know it’s been a while. Hope you are all well.

Gary Reid - January 24, 2019

Hi Carolee

Thank you for posting your message. It is virtually impossible for me to get away at night since I am the caregiver for my wife. I can get away during the day when she goes to “Alzheimer Class” on M/Tu/Wed. If there is a possibility I would be happy to meet any and all. I became a “Universal Reconciliatist” in the 70’s when I lived in California. I met with Dean Hough and Charles Lamb. Dean ran the Concordant Publishing Concern office in Canyon Country. My beliefs have changed a great in the last 40 years but I hold firmly to the reconciliation of all.

My wife and I live in Stouffville.

Carolee van Dyk. - January 24, 2019

Hi Gary
I think Frank and his wife and my friend Patti and l could probably arrange a lunch on one these days to share some fellowship with you as l work every other week. So we will try to arrange this for early March as my off weeks in February are already booked with other stuff. I’m sure you could use some fellowship.

Carolee van Dyk. - January 25, 2019

Hi Maria
Can you make a lunch date on a Mon/Tues/Wed as l was wondering if Gary would be able to come down from Stouffville to Yorkdale to the Pickle Barrel on one of the days he is available?

Carolee van Dyk. - January 25, 2019

Hi Gary,
Would you be able to come to Yorkdale Mall for lunch on one of your free days? We have met there at the Pickle Barrel before as it is on the subway line so Drew can make it as he uses the TTC? If that won’t work then those of us who drive can maybe make different arrangements or maybe l could pick Drew up from the subway somehow.

Gary Reid - January 25, 2019

Yes I could do that!

Carolee van Dyk. - January 26, 2019

Hi everyone, for me it looks like February 18, 19 or 20 could work so let’s see if we can arrange one of those days for lunch at the Pickle Barrel at Yorkdale again.

Gary Reid - January 26, 2019

How about Tuesday February 19 at noon at ????

Maria - January 25, 2019

Sure i would love that it would be great just let me know when.

Drew Costen - January 25, 2019

I can probably make a lunch if it’s somewhere on the subway line. At this time of year, I don’t want to walk very far from a subway station, though.

Carolee van Dyk - February 14, 2019

Hi Maria,
How are you doing? Are you able to make it Feb. 19 at 11 am at the Pickle Barrel at Yorkdale? Sure hope so.

Maria - February 14, 2019

Hi everyone,

Happy for me i will travel on the 18th to see my mom in Florida after many years i will also see my sister my brother my son and his family. On the 18th afternoon i will meet Martin with whom i hope to spend that afternoon.

I will be back on the 22nd i hope there will be another opportunity for me to be with you.



Carolee van Dyk - February 14, 2019

Hi Maria
Are you able to come Feb. 19 at 11 am at the Yorkdale Pickle Barrel? Sure hope so.

Maria - February 14, 2019

I think i am doing this thing wrong i will wait to see if i get any reply from you

43. Frank - January 25, 2019

We are looking forward to see you

44. Carolee van Dyk. - January 28, 2019

OK Tuesday February 19 for lunch/brunch at the Yorkdale Pickle Barrel at maybe 11 am so that Gary has time for a decent visit with us and then to get back to Stouffville in time to pick up his wife. Is that OK for everyone?

Drew Costen - January 28, 2019

Yeah, that works for me.

Frank - February 13, 2019

Yes. that is perfect.

45. Gary Reid - February 13, 2019

Just wanted to know if we “all” are still on for getting together next Tuesday at 11am?

Drew Costen - February 14, 2019

I’m glad you asked because I had it in my calendar as 12, so I would have showed up an hour late.

But yes, I should be there, Lord willing. Although it is a work day so I can’t stay too late.

Frank Nagy - February 14, 2019

I planing to be there.

Gary Reid - February 17, 2019

Hi Frank

I really don’t know how to send a message to our little group. My wife had a seizure last night about 4am. She is in the hospital and apparently will be here until at least Tuesday. As a result I will be unable to come on Tuesday. I am really sorry!


Carolee van Dyk. - February 17, 2019

Hi Gary,
So sorry to hear about your wife’s seizure. Yes, we can definitely try again for another day. I am available March 19, another Tuesday.
How is everyone for setting aside that day at 11 at the Pickle Barrel?
I am probably out of town March 5 otherwise we could try that day but the 19th is better.

Frank Nagy - February 19, 2019

Hello Carolee!

March 19 is fine for us. Hope good for Gary to.

46. Carolee van Dyk. - February 14, 2019

Hi Maria,
How are you doing? Are you able to come Feb. 19 at 11 am at the Yorkdale Pickle Barrel? sure how so.

Maria - February 14, 2019

Hi everyone,

I will be in Ft Laureldale from the 18 to the 22 visiting family and Martin.

Hope to be able to meet up with you soon.



Carolee van Dyk - February 16, 2019

Hi Maria, Enjoy your visit! Wish we could be with you to visit Martin. Would you please say hi to Martin from me as l am in touch with him regularly online and met him twice in 2012. Maybe he will have you on his daily video as he often does with visitors so that would be fun if he did. Hope to see you soon when you are back.
Love, Carolee

Maria - February 16, 2019

Thank you!

47. Maria - February 14, 2019

I will be in Ft Laureldale from the 18 to the 22 visiting my family an of course Martin.

I hope i will be able to meet up with you as soon as possible.



48. Frank Nagy - February 17, 2019

Hello Drew and Carolee.

Gary just posted he will not able to come because his wife had a seizure last night. We can set up a different day to meet so Gary can came, and Mary will be back that time.
God bless you.

Drew Costen - February 17, 2019

Yup. Another day is fine. Sorry to hear that, Gary.

Rajini - April 12, 2019

I’m in INDIA. Would like to participate in events relating to sharing of our faith ….

49. Carolee van Dyk. - November 17, 2019

Hi Rajini, l just found your post now as l haven’t checked this site for a long time. Are you still listening to Martin Zender? If you like we can correspond.

50. applejax1970 - November 23, 2019

Hi everyone. Jackie Here.. a other half of husband and wife believers since 2011… God pulled us out of xtianity in 2008 but went down many rabbit trails. My hubby Paul and I live in Guelph ontario. Thank God for each other… no other fellowship except some other believers we have met via FB and MZ… Rob wile being one. He is eonianman comments up in alberta. Just wanted to let other Canucks know there are two members of the BoC here in Guelph.. patiently waiting for the snatching away. Grace and Peace to you all in Christ Jesus.

Judy Coleman - November 26, 2019

Hi Jackie
Good to know others are out there.
I’m in Ottawa with just one friend in Ottawa that shares this calling with me.
Fortunately I have Maria in Toronto also who I spend time with on the phone. (Love that woman)
Love Rob Wile and MZ.
If you want to contact me my email is

Beth McElwain-Pressey - November 26, 2019

Hi Jackie, I am a believer in Windsor. I am newly widowed, but happy to correspond via email if you like. missmcp@cogeco.ca My name is Beth

Carolee van Dyk - November 26, 2019

Hi Paul and Jackie, Carolee here. I’m close to you in Woodbridge. Been aware that I’m in the BoC since about 2011. If you want to contact me I’m at 10zookeeper4@gmail.com. It’s been a while since a few of us were able to get together but it would be great to connect with you too.

Carolee van Dyk - March 14, 2020

Hi again Jackie, still hoping you get this email and can connect with me in Woodbridge at 10zookeeper4@gmail.com

Maria - March 14, 2020

Hi Jackie,

By mistake i sent an email somewhere else trying to contact you. I am in Toronto and have communications with only one member of the body of Christ her name is Judy, she is from Ottawa. I would love to meet you and your husband. My email address is bella777@rogers.com



51. Drew Costen - November 26, 2019

Drew from Toronto here. Good to meet all the new people here. My website should be available by clicking my name above (presuming the link works), and an email address you can reach me at for now is homechurch15@christianheretic.com (email me at that and I’ll reply from my actual email address).

52. simon - August 20, 2020

been in the BOC since 2018 im in Stoney Creek Ontario

Gary Reid - August 20, 2020

Greetings fellow Canadians,

It’s wonderful to know that God is not only the Creator of all but also the Saviour of all.

Waiting for this man-made politically contrived, never-before-in-history lockdown to end.

Obedience to the rules seems to be what they want. And FEAR. We, as Christians, should not give them either.

Frank - August 23, 2020


53. Jackie Cadorette - August 20, 2020

thank you to all the brethren that answered me. Sorry that i hadnt checked here since i posted end of last yr… this yr has been a shitshow as you all know. My email is the_og_applejax@hotmail.com. ( underscores between each word) I will send each of you an email soon. Judy Coleman i recognize your name as you are now friends with our friends Mike and Marsha knotts in Missouri…. over the past yr we have many american brethren we talk to and facetime as well as Rob Wile in Alberta and the two dutchies Leo and Ronnie and two Aussies Jurek and Stuart. God is so good to us all! Love you all so much in Christ Jesus. If anyone who responded sees this… shoot me an email? Or on FB I am Jax Cadorette…profile is me and our dog in 2010… sadly we had to put her to sleep this yr at 14 yrs old March 11th. Next day.. shit hit the fan all over the world!

54. David Ross - February 22, 2021

Is there anyone else in Nova Scotia !!!

Carolee van Dyk - February 22, 2021

Hi David, I’m near Toronto and met a great brother in Christ a year ago on this site who lives in Nova Scotia so l will let him will forward your post to him. He is a very mature and experienced believer in the accurate gospel. His name is John.

John Young - February 22, 2021

Hi David,
My name is John Young, and I live in Nova Scotia on the South Shore of the Province. My dear and wonderful friend Carolee in Toronto asked me to respond seeing that you are from Nova Scotia. We are few in numbers and spread out around the world – hope we can have a chat. David here is my e-mail address if you wish to contact me. youngdj@ns.sympatico.ca

David Ross - February 28, 2021

Hi John have sent you a reply e mail, looking forward to making contact with you…roscoe253@hotmail.com

55. Miss K - March 16, 2022

Hi anyone in or near Calgary Alberta? When l speak I sound a lotikeZender

Carolee van Dyk - March 18, 2022

Hi Miss K, Rob Wile is in Calgary. He posts on Zender too and l just learned he is in Calgary.

eonman49 - March 18, 2022

Hi, Here is my phone number in Calgary
403-975-1420 if you would like to chat.

Rob Wile

56. Karen - April 19, 2022

Any others near Calgary to converse with?

57. Ben - June 4, 2022

Greetings in the Only ONE.
My name is Ben, & I am 49 years old.
I study scriptural Greek & Hebrew.
My mother tongue is French.
I live in Québec (Canada), in the Gatineau-Hull area.
Apart from the Sacred Writings, I also read & study A.E. Knoch’s books, as well as other related authors.
I would love to find someone with whom I could share (whether in French or in English) the glorious truths of God (& of His Son).
Email: mikhaelbarukh@gmail.com

58. Maria - October 22, 2022

I live in Oshawa now. This is indeed a beautiful city and it was very easy to get used to it. If anybody of the body wants to say hi I am here

Ben Abraham - October 23, 2022

Greetings in Christ Jesus, sister Maria.
May HE bless you with the blessings of His love!
Ben Abraham,
Gatineau-Hull, Québec.

59. steve - December 22, 2022

good day,eh. i live in hamilton ontario. please let me know if you do as well. thanks! 905-537-6336. steve

Carolee van Dyk - December 23, 2022

Hi Steve,
I’m not in Hamilton, but in Woodbridge, not that far, Hwy 7/427 area. What’s on your mind these crazy days?

60. steve - December 23, 2022

well hello! gods mercy and patience.And you?ccycl

Carolee van Dyk - December 24, 2022

Hello Steve, just wondering what ccycl means?
How did you come to this site?

steve - December 24, 2022

ccycl was an old farts mistake. i started to type in my email in reply section by mistake lol. noticed this site on martins site. lm not very computer savy. i never noticed it befoe, what a great idea!cy

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