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1. Don Bast - February 11, 2013

My name is Don Bast. I live in Northern Ontario on Lake Nepewassi close to the small town of St. Charles with my wife Marja. There a few other believers here on the lake of like faith. Although, we do not have regular scheduled studies we do get together periodically for fellowship.

2. monique beauchesne - March 10, 2013

my name is monique Beauchesne, my husband Bruce walker. we live in Belleterre, quebec.My daughter live in Elliot Lake, we can stop by when we go see our daugther. monique

Don Bast - March 12, 2013

Hi Monique,
Thanks for the note. Please give me a day or two notice when you are going by. We are only 15 minutes off the Trans-Canada Hwy 17 between North Bay and Sudbury. It would be good to meet you.

monique beauchesne - March 26, 2013

Hello Don, It wont be before june probably, but it will be nice, to see you and your wife. I trust God will arrange that, bye Monique

dan - September 15, 2014

hello my name daniel mr i am interested in concordant

study home group toronto gta

thank you

Maria - October 15, 2015

Hi Dan,

Have you already found a meeting place?


Frank Nagy - January 23, 2016

Hi Dan! I live in the GTA I reading the Concordant Bible. I am going to church. I am glad to fined your post. Would be nice to see you.

3. Marlowe Matson - March 14, 2013

My name is Marlowe Matson and i’m glad to see that we in Canada and Australia now can participate. I had made contact in the Minn. site as that is where i came from. I’m now in Black diamond Ab. which is just out of Calgary Alberta.

Don Bast - March 26, 2013

Good to hear from you. I have a brother in Calgary.

Ashley - November 16, 2016

HI Don, I hope you are still using this website. We are moving to Calgary area and hoping to connect with like minded believers. Blessings!

4. Don Bast - March 26, 2013

Looking forward to meeting you.

5. Travis Penner - June 14, 2013

I’m in Calgary, Alberta. If there are any believers in the area, drop me a line! 🙂

marlowe matson - July 1, 2013

Travis; I just now saw your post. I’d love to get together w/you. I live in Black diamond and we are going to Minn. for a cousins reunion on the 9th of July and back on or about the 23rd.

Ken Trout - January 17, 2015

Hi Travis,

My name is Ken and I’m just north of Calgary. Do you know of any folks near Calgary connected by Zender’s ministry? If so maybe you could pass my name along so they can contact me if they would like.
Thanks, Ken Trout Didsbury AB

6. Travis - July 17, 2013

Sorry Bro, we got back from Vacation on the 4th and shortly after I got SO sick. We’re in the middle of trying to get our house up for sale and things are crazy. If you’re in Calgary or near abouts we can definitely meet up!!

7. Travis Penner - January 10, 2014

I am now living in Vancouver area for anyone who wants to meet up!

Don Bast - January 11, 2014

Hi Travis,
Penner sounds like a good Mennonite name, which is my background. My wife and I lived in Chilliwack for several years before moving back to Ontario in 2008. While we were there I connected several times with Keith Pincott an elderly brother on Pender Island. We got together on occasion and became quite close. I am sure he would love to hear from you although he is caring for his wife who is ill and probably won’t venture off the island. He may welcome a visitor, though. It is a very lovely ferry ride. His phone # is 250-629-6797.
Love, Don

Max - October 9, 2015

I am in Surrey, B.C. and would like for my wife and I to meet like-minded believers………

silvercloak50 - October 9, 2015

I too am in the Surrey area in south Surrey near Langely. Drop me a line if you want to meet up sometime.

8. Travis Penner - January 11, 2014

LOL It definitely is a mennonite name, although I don’t and never have, followed mennonite teachings. 😀 Great, I’ll try and give him a call. We’re still figuring our way around here though. I live in Surrey and work in PoCo.

9. Beth McElwain-Pressey - February 15, 2014

HI, I am Beth from Windsor, Ontario. Just wondering if there are any like-minded believers in my area. Thanks Martin for mentioning this site today on your podcast!

10. Don Bast - February 18, 2014

Don here from the Sudbury area. There is a small group that meets in Kitchener once a month from April to November and another one in Almont Michigan about an hour and a bit from the border. I don’t know of any closer.

11. Beth McElwain-Pressey - February 18, 2014

Thanks for letting me know, Don. Keep me posted!

12. John Young - March 21, 2015

My name is John Young and I live in the Bridgewater area of Nova Scotia on the south shore. It would be great to correspond with someone about Martin’s ideas such as “freewill will” etc. These topics are not popular in the mainstream – and it is hard to find people to discuss these issues with. So if there is anyone out there – near or far that would want to chat, let me know. E-mail youngdj@ns.sympatico.ca

Maria - April 22, 2015

Hi John, I wrote to you email address so we can talk about this things. I am so looking forward to being in touch with someone who believes Paul.

My hope is to meet many others, It has already been 2 years and It would be great to meet up with others who have the same expectation as me.

Have a great day talk to you later,


13. Maria - April 22, 2015

My name is Maria and live in Toronto. I was able to learn who I was one time I came across a video “The stupidity that leads to depravity” it was so true and I felt I had finally found a son of God. Since then I have followed Martin, heard his videos and read the newsletter of Sundays but unfortunately I have not met anyone that belongs to the Body of Christ. If anyone wants to meet me please drop me a line.

Judy Coleman - June 8, 2015

Hi Maria
Just read this and wanted to let you know that I live in Ottawa. My name is Judy and I have been a believer in the salvation of all since 1990. If you would like to correspond please email me at

Maria - October 15, 2015

Hi Judy,

I am reading your email today. Please accept my apology for the delay and I would very happy to correspond with you.

I will be getting in touch with you thru your email address.


14. Maria - October 15, 2015

Hi my name is Maria,

I am part of the community of the Body of Christ in the world. However, I am alone here in Toronto. For years I have been surrounded by people of all creeds specially Christians. However the time has come that Father has severed all those relationships for which I am so thankful, it is hard to hear even their everyday expressions. I hope to meet many of you before we are snatched away. Martin is a great teacher who I am in such a great debt because of how my life has improved since the day I heard him for the first time in a video called “The stupidity that leads to depravity” then I knew I was not alone in this world, that I had found a true believer.



mailletdominator - November 18, 2015

Hi Maria,

I’m John in Toronto. I eventually came to my realization about a year ago after quite a journey. I posted a short blog a few months ago as a tool to present the message to anyone questioning why I no longer frequent any church…whatmybiblesays.wordpress.com.

you can email me at maillet_dominator@yahoo.ca

15. Ashley - December 25, 2015

Hi Everyone! New follower here from Edmonton, Alberta. If anyone is in the area or if anyone is open to being email buddies. I am really wanting to learn more about his ideas and how they fit scritpture. Blessings! Ashley

Judy Coleman - December 26, 2015

Hi Ashley
My name is Judy and I live in Ottawa and iit would would be nice to correspond by email. There are many of us out here who love to share the evangel of Paul.
My email is jatcol@gmail.com

16. Maria Soteldo - December 26, 2015

Hi Ashley,

My name is Maria, i live in Toronto i will very happy to be your friend. I Hope to hear from you soon.


Ashley - November 16, 2016

HI Maria, I totally missed this a year ago lol. I would love to connect, feel free to email lockep@live.ca

17. George with a G, as in George - April 6, 2016

Hi, I live in Ottawa ON. […]

Georgy Porgy - April 22, 2016

thanks Ashley, i just noticed i posted 2 comments cause i didnt think the 1st went through due to technical issues on my part. lol one of my favorites >>> 1 Cor.15:22 “for even as in Adam all die, so also in the Christ all shall be made alive” XD

18. Dino - August 3, 2016

Hello everyone in Toronto! I live in the East end of the city. I would like to meet with any of you.


Carolee van Dyk. - December 11, 2017

Hello Dino
I live in the northwest end of Toronto. Just found these posts.
if you are still interested send me a reply. I have been rejoicing in the salvation of all for about 10 years now.

19. Suzie Scott - October 20, 2016

Looking for fellowship with the ” body of Christ.” […]

silvercloak50 - October 21, 2016

Where you at? I’m in Vancouver.

Ashley - October 21, 2016

I’m in Nova Scotia but may be moving to Alberta.

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