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1. Paul Boluijt - May 7, 2018

Dear brothers and sisters. My name is Paul and l am living in the Netherlands. Send me a message of you like fellowship.

Carolee van Dyk - July 10, 2018

Hello Paul
I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and was just having a look at activity in other countries and found your lonely post. My parents are from Holland, the Hague and Schevningen. Only been there twice myself. Have you had any success linking with any other believers in Holland yet? How did you come to believe in this gospel?

2. Paul - July 12, 2018

Hello Carolee,

Thank you for your message.

It is a lonely post indeed. But there is quite a bunch of us here in The Netherlands, relatively speaking of course.

Since it is a small country you can have fellowship almost every week somewhere. Furthermore we have conferences twice a year and a special weekend once a year. So we feel blessed.

I posted the message just to come in contact with believers from all over the world and it did work out. Sure I would love to tell you my story, but not rather not here in the ‘open’. You can find me on Twitter (@Boluijt) or Facebook.

Did you happen to learn some Dutch from your parents?

3. Ruchama - February 23, 2019

Hoi Paul,
Waar woon je in Nederland?

Paul Boluijt - February 24, 2019

Beste Ruchama,

Ik woon in de gemeente Barneveld. En jij?


Ruchama - February 26, 2019

Dan woon je 20 minuutjes bij me vandaan. Wie weet tref ik je wel in Garderen? Groetjes, Ruchama

Paul Boluijt - February 26, 2019


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