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1. Carol and Vance VanHall - February 8, 2012

Sunday Study at the VanHalls, Nampa Idaho, 1-208-461-2575

Julie walkswithhorses - October 7, 2013

I moved to SW Idaho a year ago and just found this site. Do you still meet for studies?

Leonard Teeter - February 20, 2014

Hi Julie. I’m from Montana. 🙂

Carol VanHall - February 25, 2014

Julie….we meet every sunday at 10…call me. Carol 208 461 2575

Levi - November 9, 2021

Levi Shay
Boise, Idaho

2. Leonard Teeter - February 15, 2014

Hello from Billings, MT. I am among three believers (…that I know of) here in the Billings/Crow Agency area. Perhaps the people from Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana could get together for a time of study and fellowship. My best to you. I know it’s a lonely journey outside the walls of religion!!! Im blessed and happy I’m not a part of that system of deception any longer. I’m glad there are others like yourselves who aren’t any longer either. If you would like to contact me, feel free to call. You will find my number under my entry in the Montana section. Blessings-

Debra - January 30, 2021

Wow. I can’t find one believer in Washington state. At least not here. I’ll be moving to Idaho this year and maybe we could get together for a meeting. I just talk to people online and would like some face to face communication with believers.

Anthony - September 29, 2021

Hello Debra….I’m in the Boise area and my number is 208-861-7518….I have believed in the salvation of all for over two years now…. contact me anytime…. Anthony

Tony E rohrenbach - November 9, 2021

Where in Washington do you live?

3. Tony - February 23, 2017

Hello from Spokane washington. Spokane is so close to north Idaho, thought I would try to inquire about those who live in the Coeurdalene area and would eventually like to get together.

4. Debra - October 26, 2022

Just saw there are some new people here. I’ve been in central Idaho for over a year and I love it here but have no friends of the BOC here. I left my email if anyone wants to email me.
In Him

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