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1. Deborah - August 16, 2012

Looking for fellowship with those of the same mind as stated in the blog purpose.

2. Deborah Peterson - September 25, 2012

Hi Deborah, my name is the same…I happened on Pilkington’s site a couple months ago and have been making time in my busy schedule to exhaust the many articles and web pages such as this one. I’m interested too, in connecting. I have been in this mode of understanding since 1998 increasing in knowledge and leaving behind the Pentecostal up bringing that had only sabotaged my efforts to be near our Christ Jesus, Lord and Saviour of ALL.

3. Deborah Peterson - January 29, 2013

Hi Deborah, so sorry for dropping the ball. I completely spaced that I had left a request to find fellowship. In October I went back to work full-time and I’m still finishing my Life Coach program. So coupled with the Holidays, I’ve been so busy. Where in AZ do you live? Also
are you on Facebook?

4. Reuben Kolb - January 26, 2014

If you are in the Phoenix area and wish to get together to study scriptures or whatever please email me.

John Krauss - February 19, 2014

Hello Reuben. My son and wife live in Scottsdale, and might want to meet. Do you have anyone you get together with yet? –John K jkrau36@gmail.com

Marlowe Matson - February 11, 2015

Hello all; I’m Marlowe Matson living for the next 6 was in Mesa and would like to fellowship w/people who enjoy the Savior of all teaching.

5. Pam Lillyblad - July 8, 2014

Pam Lillyblad – July 7, 2014
Did anyone ever get together or start a study? I just purchased a book from pilkingtonandsons and received some newsletters from by A.E. Knoch. I found these books recommended through a friend that introduced me to Tentmakers.com.

Deborah Peterson - July 8, 2014

Hi Pam
Good to hear from you. I’m Deborah, I live in Prescott, AZ. . Where do you live? I’m an ordained minister and I’m just rallying enough interested to start a Bible Study in August. It is such an exciting moment to hear when someone gets a glimpse of His Truth!! I’d love to hear more…

6. Stephen - July 28, 2014

I’m in Tucson and interested in local contacts.

Tom - October 15, 2014

Hi Stephen,
Just finished 1st Idiot in Heaven and was directed to this site. I would certainly be interested in discussing this with someone locally. If you’re still on line and interested let me know.

Bethanee - August 24, 2015

Hi Stephen and Tom I’m in Tucson also and looking for fellowship with like minded people despite my shyness. I’ve watched many of Zender’s videos and read his stuff online..have yet to purchase a book but it’s definitely on my to do list.

7. Gertrude Nels - April 26, 2015

Hi Phoenix believers, I am writing this for my mother. She is moving to Glendale in Sept. 2015. She has an active Bible Study in Cedar Rapids Iowa right now and would LOVE to continue that in Glendale or join others for Bible Study. I do not understand how to get in touch with most of you as there are no email addresses so please feel free to contact me at soffegal@msn.com or call me at 602-412-8497.

8. Pam Lillyblad - August 24, 2015

Would like to meet people in Arizona. Live in Phoenix. Can be reached in facebook message under a Pam Lillyblad.

Pam Lillyblad - August 24, 2015

I forgot I had posted a request on here kast year. Still interested in meeting with anyone in the Phoenix area. Again I can be contacted on facebook messaging or pjlillyblad@hotmail.com. Thanks.

Gregg - May 31, 2020

I live in Glendale AZ and am trying to find a church, Bible study, and/or other believers. I don’t mind traveling to other cities.

9. Rick - November 16, 2017

My wife & I will be moving to Phx this spring. We are currently in OKC.

10. Debbie - July 7, 2019

Hello Fellow Believers!! My name is Debbie ,thank God for Martin Z! Been listening over 15 yrs.
would love some fellowship!

Gregg - May 31, 2020

Hi Debbie! Have you found any churches, Bible Studies, or other believers in AZ yet? I’m in Glendale AZ.

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