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1. Andre - July 2, 2009

Andre Sneidar
Amherst, VA

Lelia waycaster - June 24, 2012

I would love to find a fellowship group.

Lorrie - May 1, 2013

Hi Lelia,

Where are you located in VA? We are in Chesapeake and have begun holding a Pauline dispensational study group. Not every attendee believes the Lord will eventually save all.
Some have not studied it.

Grace and peace to you as you grow in the knowledge of Christ.


2. Rudy - April 20, 2012

Lets fellowship and explore the truths of god

Lorrie - May 1, 2013

Hi Rudi!

Just touched base with Leila above. If you happend to be located in the southeastern VA area, we’d love to talk with you.

In Christ,


3. Andrew Mejia - August 15, 2013

Hi lorrie. The city im from is waynesboro va.# 5408369436.it would be a joy to hear from you. Tex me .call. How ever you like

4. ed roshko - August 5, 2015

g ood to hear from someone in this location palmyra(monticello)the good book rightly divided andrew

SandreS - December 25, 2015

Hi Ed., Andre here.

Sorry for the delay in responding. I’m actually the admin for this BLOG (and others as well), so you’d think I’d do better at keeping up-to-date with it.

Anyways, if you’re still around, and would like to meet, or chat, let me know. My contact info is at the top of this page (the first post).

5. Dwayne - December 20, 2015

I live in Charles city va. Looking for fellowship in this wonderful revelation. .

6. Dwayne - December 21, 2015

Looking for fellowship in va.

SandreS - December 25, 2015

Hi Dwayne, Andre here.

I live in Amherst, VA, about 2 hrs. W. of Richmond. If the map I’m viewing is correct, it looks like you’re about 2.5 hrs from me.

I wouldn’t mind meeting you. If you’re interested, let me know, and we can arrange to meet.

bugsaddress - April 12, 2016

Sorry for the long time reply. I am new at this computer blog stuff. That would be nice to meet some time. Dwayne

7. SandreS - March 10, 2016

Capitol Area Fellowship
An afternoon of fellowship in the Washington DC metro area.

March 26th 2016
1:00pm to 2:30pm

Twinbrook Community Library
Meeting Room
202 Meadow Hall Dr.
Rockville, MD, US 20851
(240) 777-0240

Study Theme: The Undoing of Adam
Teacher: Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr.

Host: Lee Peterson
Further information: Study Shelf 814-701-0063

(For those interested, an extended opportunity for casual fellowship after the meeting can be available at an off-site deli or coffee shop, etc.)

8. Dwayne Carlson - March 11, 2016

Do I have to make a reservation to come to this .

SandreS - March 11, 2016


No reservation is necessary.

We’d love to see you there.


9. Dwayne Carlson - March 11, 2016

Iam in Charles city va. Iam interested in attending some meetings

10. David - April 20, 2016

I’m in Yorktown, VA

bugsaddress - May 6, 2016

I know where that is David. Do you fellowship any where. 814 594 3300 . Send a message if you like.

Lorrie - June 9, 2016

Hi David,

[…] Please contact us if you may wish to connect.

Grace and peace to you.

David - June 10, 2016

Conference In Richmond would be GREAT. April is so far away! 😦 Yes, I’d love to connect…a house fellowship would be perfect…

11. Lorrie - July 20, 2016

Hi David,

It is great to hear from you. If you’d like to contact me at lorrielee@cox.net, I can fill you in on more details of the study.

In Christ Jesus,


12. pgmyers1 - July 31, 2016

Anyone else in the Lynchburg area who believes in the reconciliation of all?

SandreS - August 9, 2016


I live in Amherst, about 20-30 minutes from Ly., and I make it down there on a regular basis.

You can reach me at my e-mail address, or if you like we can talk on the phone. Let me know which suits you better:


I look forward to meeting you!


13. Allen Ammons - June 15, 2018

I live most of the time in Buckingham, Va and part time in Midlothian, Va. I haven’t been able to find any dispensational churches in either area.

SandreS - June 15, 2018

Hi Allen, André here. I live about 2 hrs west of Richmond, close to Rt. 60. If you’d like to have some fellowship, I’d be happy to meet you somewhere half-way in between. I’m not familiar with Buckingham, except that when I’ve passed through there (quite a while ago) it seemed that there weren’t many places to meet – but that may have changed by now.

14. Thomas Costa - January 3, 2021

I’m in Virginia Beach.

15. Maia - February 22, 2021

I’m also in Virginia Beach. sharinghealinglight@gmail

16. Nick - September 28, 2021

Anyone near Marshall? thenickbutler@protonmail.com

SandreS - September 29, 2021

Hey Nick, I live in Amherst county, but I’m not exactly sure where you are. Are you right off of I-66?

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