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1. joe - February 10, 2013

I live in Las Vegas. My name is Joe. My wife and I have get togethers with other parts of the body of Christ pretty regularly at my home. ALL are welcome. 7o22924335

2. Murray - August 16, 2017

My name is Murray. I live in Carson City, NV. I would like to meet other followers of Pilkington for fellowship.

joe - August 20, 2017

Hi Murray

We spoke on the phone. Never got anything to read from you as you suggested.


Matthew Michaelson - April 3, 2018

Hey Murray. My name is Matthew Michaelson. I’ve been a believer in the real Gospel for 4 years now. I live in Reno Nevada. I’d really love to meet you!

Murray - August 22, 2018

Hello, Matthew. This is Murray. I’m sorry I didn’t answer sooner. I live in Carson City. I go to Reno occasionally to the VA hospital. Let me know if you still want to get together. My phone @ is 775-241-2719. Hope to hear from you. Have a great day.

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