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1. Paul - October 27, 2013

There is no Trinity, There is no hell or eternal punishment, Jesus is not GOD, There is no free will, When your dead. Your really dead, The Elect are called to glory in the celestials. Hit me up would love to talk to you! Peace..:)

2. Leonard - January 12, 2014

I’ve known Christ redeemed and will be reconcilled to all for some time now. I have questioned the trinity for some time and now do not believe it is truth. Now, I also believe in a biblical resurrection. You know what? I sense less of a connection to this world as a result. I’ve learned lots from Clyde and others he ministers with. I look forward to further studies. 406-670-7341

3. Leonard - May 23, 2016

My phone number has changed. It’s now (406) 371-3527. Also I’d like to find a woman who believes in Paul’s evangel, who is a member of the body of Christ. I’m 51 and ruggedly handsome! Ok, well at least I’m 51. ☺️ Much love to all my brothers and sisters.

4. Julie Wirtanen - August 18, 2016

Yes you are ruggedly handsome. I know this because I kind of know you, however, you are not sure if you really want to be friends with me. My belief system is non denominational since 1976. I am 50 something. JW

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