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1. Carl - September 17, 2012

Carl and Marty Mathis – September 17, 2012
We have a small group of believers, who believe in salvation of all, meeting here in Columbus. We meet on Monday nights at 7PM. Contact Carl at 614-795-0795

2. Paul - October 27, 2013

Salvation of all? What about the rest?

3. Debbie - February 16, 2014

Rick and Debbie Gedeon lives in columbiana ohio….contact 330-457-0677…we also believe in Gods desire to save all

4. Debbie gedeon - February 16, 2014

We live in columbiana ohio near youngstown, Ohio. Rick and Debbie gedeon. 330-457-0677…would love to get together with others who believe in the salvation of all

5. Kathy Hartman - October 5, 2014

We live in the central Ohio (Grove City) area and would love to meet up with other likeminded believers.

6. Kathy Hartman - October 5, 2014


7. Roger Thomas - January 6, 2015

Roger & Tonda Thomas.
We live in Belpre Ohio along the Ohio River across from
Parkersburg, WV. Would love to hear from others who believe in the salvation of all.
Please feel free to email us at the following:

8. Martin W. Schumacher - February 6, 2018

God’s Truth Given in Love for the Light by which we understand the purpose of Life; thereby all else……Hey, very glad to hear from anyone…We could meet or a meeting house; plenty of room here.

I’ve known Ray Smith since 05 and met Martin through Ray and someone on Ray’s site: Bob. Reach me after 2pm ET at my home, landline, number: 513-681-1000

9. Martin Schumacher - December 1, 2019

[Admin: This BLOG is not meant to be a chat forum, or a source for other links, but rather only a place for finding others who seek fellowship in the wonderful truth of God Who is the Savior of All. Please communicate any links and extended conversations in separate e-mails with those who request them.]
… email me at ChristsChrist@gmail.com

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