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1. LOVEY ROGERS - January 30, 2010


NATHAN SLONE - April 23, 2011


2. Laura Johnston - March 11, 2012

We live in Birmingham and have been believers for many years now. Would enjoy studying and discussing the wondrous truth of the evangel with other believers in the area.

Danny Colpo - May 3, 2013

Hi Laura, my family lives in Bessemer. I would love to hear from you and your family about your journeys so far in this life.

3. Gordon Wallis - March 29, 2012

Eager to meet with anyone in my area for fellowship and study. I live in Pace Fl.

4. James D. Fine - June 6, 2012

My name is JD Fine. I live in Chattanooga, Tennessee. There are three of us in Chattanooga who believe in the Ultimate Salvation of all men and women and the restitution of all things. Praise God! Christ WAS successful in saving ALL men. It is a lonely walk with so few who have been enlightened to the truth. I was introduced to the truth by my Brother in Christ Tony Smith who gave me one of Martin Zender’s books and the lights started to come on! If anyone is close email me. saintfine@gmail.com

Laura Johnston - May 4, 2013

Hi JD. I hope you get the opportunity to attend the conference in Birmingham in May. It’ll be a great time of fellowship and, of course, the speakers are the best! Zender, Sheridan, and Pilkington; what more is there to say? Grace and peace brother.

5. David Latham - March 10, 2013

I live in Huntsville, AL. and have been listening to Martin Zender and Dan Sheridan for about five years now. It was when I started listening to Martin and Dan that I realized I had been robbed of the truth of Ultimate Reconciliation by orthodox fundamentalism and stopped going to church. I would love to gather with believers in the area.

bobby batey - February 27, 2016

Hi; David.
I live in Scottsboro al., I also believe in the salvation of all I come out of relegion eight or nine years ago.I read and listen to Martin Zender. Call me at 256 609 9218 sometimes

my name is Bobby Batey

6. Laura Johnston - May 4, 2013

Hi Danny, we’re looking forward to seeing you and yours at the conference in 2 weeks. We’re so excited to find fellowship with others in our area after many years of being alone in our beliefs. We hope this conference will serve to unite the body of Christ in this area such that we can share some study and fellowship regularly. I can’t wait to meet and hear everyone’s story of how each came to the knowledge of the truth!

wayneveal - October 28, 2013

I am Wayne Veal. I am a former Assemblies of God Pastor ( 38 ) years. I came to the truth of Ultimate Reconciliation while studying and teaching the Book of Isaiah. I soon realized that I could not stay in the institutional church. I live in Phenix City, Alabama.

John - April 1, 2015

Wayne, I know it’s been a while since you posted this, but I’m curious. How does one convince a protestant preacher to listen to the truth of UR? Since my dad was a preacher, I always feel a special tug at my heart to tell church pastors about the truth of UR.

7. John - March 31, 2015

Hello, I am J Berton. I live in the Tuscaloosa area. Are there any believers in the salvation of all in the Tuscaloosa area? Are there any believers in Jesus who do NOT believe in the hideous doctrine of hell? I feel so alone.

dannycolpo - March 31, 2015

Hi John,

I don’t know of anyone specifically in Tuscaloosa, but we live in Bessemer, not far from you. Send me a message, bhamsoxfan@gmail.com

Wayne Fair - April 18, 2019

Hey John! I just discovered this site – and YES! I too am a believer in the Universal Hope! Please see the comment I just posted below to find out more about me…
Hope we can get together soon over some coffee or lunch?
Blessings in Christ!

8. Billy Davis - April 20, 2015

Wow can you folks believe that our heavenly Father is and has always been in total control of our lives? I was lead to Martins web site by our Father Who is in heaven . As I was crying out to be shown how to believe ALL that the prophets have spoken after reading Luke 24:25.
As time past I meet our great brother Clyde Pilkington Jr. what a blessing to know brothers who are willing to tell it like it is, like it was, and how it is going to be. It is very heart warming to know that others are out there that want to know the truth as it is written in the Scriptures.. I would love very much to talk to anyone who is called of of the religious deception. My cell number 325 260-4355. To our heavenly Father belongs all glory both now and forever. Father willing I will be moving from Abilene Texas to Mobile Al. Would love to talk and fellowship with anyone who has eyes to see.

John - April 21, 2015

Nice to meet you, Billy. There are a few of us out there, but few a far between. I am in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I think there would be so many more of us if folks would just think about what they believe more. Or if folks would just open their hearts and minds to the teaching of the properly translated scriptures. Of course it takes those of us who know the TRUE gospel to share it with the world. We run the risk of persecution by the mainstream religious folks out there, but I am always eager to share the truth of the gospel of victory, and about the non-sense lies of the eternal torment doctrine! God bless.

Ann - February 28, 2019

Hello, I am keenly interested in meeting with Tuscaloosa groups or individuals. My Mom is in Montgomery area and would LOVE having fellowship as well.
Kindest regards, Ann

Wayne Fair - April 18, 2019

Hey John! I just discovered this site – and YES! I too am a believer in the Universal Hope! Please see the comment I just posted below to find out more about me…
Hope we can get together soon over some coffee or lunch?

I’m also interested in reaching out to “Ann” below – but don’t see how I can respond to her reply. I hope she sees this to know there are others in Tuscaloosa who embrace the wonderful, mind blowing truth of Christian Universalism!

Blessings in Christ!


9. Billy Davis - June 6, 2015

Do you have others there with you?

John Bounds - June 8, 2015

My children don’t believe in ET (eternal torment), but my wife still does. My Cousin in Birmingham is a devout truth seeker, and she does not believe in ET. She has even written a book she entitled “Revealed Truths” about the correct translation of key words in the scriptures, and what that means concerning the salvation of all. I met another new friend from the B’ham area recently who believes in the salvation of all. I am waiting for the Spirit’s move to know where to go from here. BTW, have you moved to Alabama yet?

10. okieshowedem613 - September 1, 2015

Looking for others near Mobile. Alabama. 2516359283 email

11. Brandon Smith - January 17, 2017

Hi all! My name is Brandon Smith and I have been a true believer for about 3 years. It has truly been the best time of my life! […] I live in Cullman, AL and would dearly love to fellowship with other believers at least via email. I have a very active life with two kids that keep me running, so sometimes face-to-face interaction might be difficult. My wife is also a believer, but very slow to warm up to “new” people. It is wonderful to know we are not the only “ones”!
Blessings to all!


12. okieshowedem613 - January 19, 2017

Looking for those living near Mobile Al who love to study the Scriptures without all the religious slants.

13. Kwabena Agyei - January 13, 2018

Bro. Martin Lee gave me this website. I am looking for like minded to fellowship in Kumasi, Ghana in the West Africa here.

SandreS - January 13, 2018

Thanks for your request, Kwabena. We have now added a contact page for your country where you can re-post your request:


Please let us know if this is the correct designation for your country.

14. Wayne Fair - April 18, 2019

Hello to all my fellow-Alabamian Christian Universalists!

My name is Wayne Fair and I live in Tuscaloosa. I am the assistant-pastor of a small church that meets in the basement of the old Alagasco office (1824 University Blvd) every Sunday at 11am. Our pastor has given me the complete responsibility of bringing the Word every Sunday morning.

You can get a sense of my style and content here (preaching at a friends church in Troy, AL):

I am a graduate (M.Div.) of Reformed Theological Seminary – a former PCA pastor – and former 5 point Calvinist(!).

I gradually came to embrace the wonder of the Universal Gospel over the last 10 years – and now it influences everything I preach and teach on Sunday mornings.

Please feel free to contact me at:

15. Jesse Hill Munoz - November 17, 2019

I am in Cuba Alabama and a big fan of Martin Zender as well as of the ASK (Associates for Scriptural Knowledge). Don’t always agree with Martin Zender on everything and tend to lean more towards ASK’s views (in particular I believe Christmas and Easter are displeasing to God even if they have no effect on one’s ultimate salvation) but I am firmly convinced of universal salvation largely through Zender and Ernest L. Martin. Please email me at jhmunoz@email.arizona.edu or text/call at 256-283-8834
-Jesse Muñoz

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