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1. Rich Biocic - January 20, 2013

I am Rich Biocic. I live in Grand Junction, CO.
If there are any others in the area who would like to do a study or fellowship, contact me at 970.243.5094.

2. Nathaniel Bowes - June 13, 2013

Hi my name is Nathaniel Bowes, I just moved to Colorado and am looking for other who believe and follow in the in the doctrine of Universal Salvation. My # is 516 495 6039.

3. Rich Biocic - June 14, 2013

Are you on the East Slope? If so, there a lot of believers over in CoSprings and Denver area. I can put you in touch with them.
Here on the West Slope, I don’t know of many, other than my family and one other.

Nathaniel Bowes - June 14, 2013

Hey Rich I live in Denver, that would be great if you could give me some people’s contact info. We should get together sometime whenever it is reasonable.

Nathaniel Bowes - June 18, 2013

Here is my email address npbowes@hotmail.com, you can contact me through that.

4. Mary Ann Broussard - September 4, 2013

My name is Mary Ann, and I live in Monument, CO. There is a number of believers who host meetings on a regular basis in the Monument, Colorado Springs, and Denver areas. For anyone interested in fellowship and study, please contact me at (719) 660-4177.

5. Mike Garcia - February 25, 2015

Hi everyone who believes as I do in Paul’s good news evangel and the all-encompassing salvation of mankind. I would like to meet, or communicate with brethren who live in the northern suburbs of Denver such as Thornton (where I live). I already meet with the Monument fellowship and the Englewood group whenever time permits. I may be reached at garcia.miker@gmail.com.

6. Nancy - April 14, 2016

I am looking for believers in Paul’s gospel in the Colorado Springs area. I can be reached at hollann@hsu.edu.

Phil Mehl Sr. - July 27, 2016

Good Morning,
We are looking for some community with believers in the Colorado Springs area.

Sean Marting - June 7, 2017

Dear Phile,

I haven’t visited this website for some time but saw you had asked about a local meeting in Colorado Springs, which we have every other week. Next one is this Thursday in Monument, 630PM, June 8.

We alternate between Monumnet and Colo Springs for some Denver people who come down.

Feel free to call!

Sincerely, Sean Marting at 7192292562

7. Sean Marting - June 7, 2017

…sorry about mistakenly adding an extra e to your name!

8. Nancy - June 12, 2017

SEAN-You sent me a message to my request about meetings in your area. I called your number, but with no response. I am asking for someone who lives in your area who does not have internet. Please call me when you are able after 7:30 p.m. Arkansas (Central) time. 501-384-5498 Thank you. NANCY

9. Dennis - September 10, 2017

I believe in Rightly Dividing Gods’ Word and studying the Bible with a grammatical/historical approach as described by Michael Penny and Wayne Stewart. I live in Montrose, CO on the western slope. Please email me if you are interested in studying together.

Vurl Watkins - June 25, 2018

Patty and Vurl Watkins hope to be moving to Montrose in a few months…Lord willing….and look fwd to connecting with other universal reconciliation, union life, salvation of all through Christ alone believers.

Patty Watkins - September 27, 2018

Vurl & I are now settled in Montrose, and would be glad to get together. We’re not familiar with Michael Penny or Wayne Stewart, but embrace the concept of the salvation of all. Vurl’s cell is 719-330-4730.

10. Andrew Rustad - January 31, 2023

Is there a Giselle that went to the Omaha NE. Conference in September 2022?

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