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New Zealand

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1. Johny - December 28, 2014

Really doing it hard….since discovering these truths. I am now considered to be a mad man by many,not that it worries me to the extent of losing too much sleep. However I am now much aware of the reasons of such pain and hurt, emotionally and spiritually. I can see now….the meaning of Hell, Gods free will, salvation of all, creation and Gods plan for the believer….what a Saviour

It would be good to hear from like minded folks down under in New Zealand

2. David Williams - October 20, 2016

Hello Johny, You are not alone in New Zealand. […] When in NZ I reside in Nelson. Would be very happy to have contact with you if that is your wish.
David Williams

Johny Snowden - October 29, 2016

Hi David

Awesome to hear from you, well lonely at times I have since learned how to be occupied in spirit knowing that their are others like myself. For this is exactly what our Father intends. I withdraw from attending a “church” fellowship group some time ago, just wasn’t able to participate any longer.,Thank you in that I now know you are in the county just across the Cook Strait from me. I live in Wellington, although intending to move to the far north in the not too distant future. Many blessings to you

3. Colin Driller - July 11, 2021

Hello Johny and David
I have been a student of universalism for some years and would welcome the opportunity to meet with like minded folk. I live in Tauranga

David Williams - July 12, 2021

Hello Colin. Hey, nice to hear from you brother. I live in Nelson. My situation is similar, having been associated with the teaching for several decades now. Fellowship is fairly slim here in NZ; fortunately the internet has open the world to fellow believers of late. Thanks for the communication…keep in touch if you wish. Peace and grace in the meantime. David

4. Colin Driller - August 26, 2021

Hello again David. Could you please contact me via email so we can make phone contact?

David O Williams - August 26, 2021

My email address is: davidwilliams711.5@gmail.com.

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