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New Zealand

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1. Johny - December 28, 2014

Really doing it hard….since discovering these truths. I am now considered to be a mad man by many,not that it worries me to the extent of losing too much sleep. However I am now much aware of the reasons of such pain and hurt, emotionally and spiritually. I can see now….the meaning of Hell, Gods free will, salvation of all, creation and Gods plan for the believer….what a Saviour

It would be good to hear from like minded folks down under in New Zealand

2. David Williams - October 20, 2016

Hello Johny, You are not alone in New Zealand. […] When in NZ I reside in Nelson. Would be very happy to have contact with you if that is your wish.
David Williams

Johny Snowden - October 29, 2016

Hi David

Awesome to hear from you, well lonely at times I have since learned how to be occupied in spirit knowing that their are others like myself. For this is exactly what our Father intends. I withdraw from attending a “church” fellowship group some time ago, just wasn’t able to participate any longer.,Thank you in that I now know you are in the county just across the Cook Strait from me. I live in Wellington, although intending to move to the far north in the not too distant future. Many blessings to you

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