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New York

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1. J - October 15, 2013

would love to hear from others in NY

2. Florence - February 1, 2014

Hello. My name is Florence and I live in the Rochester-Finger Lakes Region. I am so happy about my new found freedom and identity in Christ! Now, “even when it’s bad, it’s good” because God is so in control! I would love to meet with others who have discovered this non traditional Biblical Christianity and the blessing of the salvation of all.

Daniel - February 23, 2014

Hello friend! I used to live in new York but I live in Texas now. Have you heard of the book ” whatever became of melanie”? It’s a really good read. I’m half way through the book now.
Would like to be pen pals.

3. Jen - February 3, 2014

I live in central NY i would also love to fellowship and see how the Holy Spirit leads in this truth!

4. Joseph Brana - March 3, 2014

My name is Joseph and I live right outside New York City where I work, in Northeast New Jersey. I’d like to fellowship and study with other believers in the area. There are times when speaking to someone in person about these great truths, doesn’t get the reaction I was hoping for. God is teaching me patience and I hope to meet other “outsiders” soon.

5. Amy Martin - March 22, 2016

Hello my name is Amy Martin and I live in Staten island NY . I am so liberated in Christ and so very blessed to know that I am finally hearing and reading truth in its entirety that my heart cannot remain still. I would love to exchange info and thoughts with someone close to home I have been aching for some kind of conversation with someone who is of like mind. God bless you all Clyde Pilkington, and Martin Zender and the host of others who have given my broken heart and tired spirit to a place of peace. Hope to hear from you soon.

angel smith - April 4, 2016

Hello Amy, My name is angel and I live in upstate n.y. ,Kingston, to be exact.I am new to C.Pilkington, and M. Z.ender, but I’d love to share and exchange Holy Spirit Truths. Feel free to e-mail me !
Love and Blessings,

6. Florence Fiandach - June 19, 2016

Sorry I haven’t been on line in a while. Would love to find fellow believers around Rochester NY

7. Florence Fiandach - July 9, 2016

Phone 585-469-5352

8. austin willis - March 31, 2020

If anyone is in Western NY and would like to have some bible study, shoot me an email! I only know 1 person here who is aware of the true grace of God, so it would be nice to meet some other people.

Mark Rogers - October 31, 2020

Hello Austin I live in Buffalo.got your message on Martin zender web site.

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